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Comment Re:How does growth help? (Score 3, Interesting) 206

The thing is, it's hard to see where Uber's costs are. They develop software, but that's a pretty small investment considering the hundreds of thousands of rides a day people take.

This is my question, i don't see how they are spending the money they are making as part of operational costs. While their model and implementation is interesting and novel and works, it isn't exactly one which requires a major investment, nor maintenance costs to run.

What exactly do they spend their money on?

Comment Re:Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 1) 432

So i have mod points for once, went to used them and realized we need to add an option for "stupid".

Sorry but your first line

What makes it intrinsically illegal? Just because there is a law?

really? Why yes it is illegal because there is a law, that is kind of how laws work.

If you don't think it should be illegal then you go and get the law changed. Very much exactly what the Gay rights movement has been doing to get Gay Marriage legalized.

You don't just look at the laws, proclaim your self better than everyone else and ignore them. If you don't like how the laws work, or the world they build then go get them changed.

Comment Re:Amazing and dreadful, simultaneously (Score 4, Informative) 381

If you are in a " you're 1099 and here's your desk and working hours and no we're not paying you by the hour" situation then you need to file a grievance with the DOL and IRS. Trust me i work in an industry where we utilize contractors all the time, and i can promises you that they are violating the law, and you will win if you go after them (and the government will help you with that too). Sadly your "winnings" is usually that you are now a "employee" and the "employer" just fires you. But they end up paying a bunch of back taxes and fines/fees. So if you don't' like them and plan on leaving anyways, file a grievance.

Comment Re:Codeword (Score 1) 479

I just create a situation that violates all of their problem trees. I have physical loop back adapters (different ones for different types of service) that allows them to do a local loop checks but provide zero actual dynamic communication. That normally gets me thrown right up the chain to someone i can actually talk intelligently with.


Robots Compete In Navigating Simulation Of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Plant 64

schwit1 writes: A new DARPA Robotics Challenge completed its final competition recently. 25 teams operated robots around a landscape designed to simulate the hazardous environment that aid workers found after the Fukushima Daiichi reactor in Japan melted down multiple times in 2011. Engineers tried to help, but disaster ensued, rendering a huge area around the plant uninhabitable after toxic steam was released into the skies. The radioactive leftovers are still emitting a million watts of heat. First prize is $2m, second prize is $1m, and third gets $500,000.

Comment Re:Already been burnt by the price (Score 1) 104

I would agree with you if you only look at their top shelf high priced speakers but they do make some very good quality more traditional speakers which offer great sound quality for the money.

I've got two floor standing load speakers and two of their book shelf variants of the same line. Both offer wonderful sound quality and while not cheap in price where not super expensive. I believe i have ~1,000$ total in for all 4, and they have lasted me now 17 years with zero signs that i'll ever need or want to get a different set.

I will agree that a lot of B&W speakers on their top end are works of Art as much as they are speakers, i just can't justify that for a speaker (although i do for paintings so i also can't argue with what people view as Art)

Comment Re:Try a carrot (Score 1) 244


i personally love it, and a few years ago bought a life time membership (even after buying several albums from them).

Only thing i wish was that their phone app was better (and had random across favorites) and that they had a desktop player like PandoraOne so that i don't have to leave a web browser always running to listen (and the player would work with media keys for play/pause/stop)

Comment Re:meanwhile (Score -1) 342

Those with smaller incomes must use a larger proportion of it on consumption.

10% is 10% no matter what the purchase price is, the Proportions are the same.

The only way where they get out of balance is where corporations can purchase larger quantity and get a lower sale price per unit then the smaller consumer for a given item.. So you will not be removing the buying power element, but even then you are capturing the taxes and doing it based on money changing hands.

Work expands to fill the time available. -- Cyril Northcote Parkinson, "The Economist", 1955