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Comment: Re:Python for learning? Good choice. (Score 1) 390

by XxtraLarGe (#47417737) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

I'm a C++ programmer by trade but there's no way I'd wish that language on a student

Agreed. Its not a learning language.

I learned to program with C++, you insensitive clod! And we had to write our own stacks, heaps and vectors without using the standard library, and that's the way we liked it!

Comment: Re:$300 for a GPU (Score 1) 195

Meanhile, the end result doesn't look THAT much better than the PS3, with its measly GeForce 7900 series.

I actually bought it for my PS3, and the graphic quality seems pretty good to me. Of course, I'm more about the game play than anything else.

It's pretty fun, but a lot more driving & gunplay than I was expecting, and there's no real feeling of consequence.

It's easy to get good karma simply by catching criminals, and if you accidentally kill a bystander, it's a minor hit to your karma. I'd expect it to tank, but it doesn't. Hacking people's bank accounts seems to not have any effect, which seems like it should. It would be nice if they had offered a white hat/black hat path that you could take.

Also, if you want, it's pretty easy to level up right away by simply doing the criminal detections and hacking everyone in site in order to buy 5-star weapons from the get go. There doesn't seem to be an XP cap on the criminal investigations, and they're always worth the same.

Comment: Re:Interessting in any case (Score 5, Insightful) 109

by Amouth (#47380673) Attached to: Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines?

While the article, you, and i'm sure more to come keep mentioning the need to "place senors" the reality is any Utility company worth it's salt already has this data logged as part of normal operations through SCADA/DCS systems.

This systems monitor (and log) so many different variables that it forces the companies to store everything in databases for reference & analysis. When it comes to power generation nearly all power generation is done by a "utility" company all of which are heavy government regulated. In a lot of areas it is actually the government which determines bill rates and adjustments to generation capacities (or at least responsible for the play book the operators work by).

It would be far easier and less far fetched to believe that the NSA would have access to theses logs/DBs for what ever use they wanted. Especially with most major power generation sites being covered under FERC regulations and several of the regulation requirements for Reliability requires operators to track and monitor this exact data that the NSA would need.

And trust me when i say that these sites log everything and keep it incase of an Audit. The consequences for failing to be able to provide the data in case of an Audit or Incident Investigation is worse (for the company) than just about any incident would be. They log it, they keep it, even if they will will never look at it again, because the government might come asking for it (and they will give it when asked with no questions as they are required to by regulations).

Honestly going this route i'd say compared to the wiretapping network the NSA has put together, this would be trivial for them to do (not cheap or quick, just not all that difficult).

Comment: Re:What a crazy situation (Score 1) 148

Something seems really, really off kilter if so many of us see the federal government's law enforcement agencies as the enemy.

Floods can help to irrigate land and forest fires clear away deadfalls, but I don't think many would say the positives outweigh the negatives.

Comment: Re:on behalf of america (Score 1) 625

by XxtraLarGe (#47283215) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

Yes, yes it was. It was an accident of circumstance and genetics.

Guess what? ABG's right, you're wrong. I'm fat, and it's my fault. I'm a victim of my own decisions, not a victim of circumstance and genetics. I drink too much pop/energy drinks, eat too much fast food, and don't exercise enough. But that's my fault, not anybody else's.

No matter what your genetics -OR- your circumstances are, you are ultimately in control of what kinds of food you shovel into your mouth and what kinds of activities you do. Making obesity a disability is only going to encourage more people to become fat so they can get on the gravy train. If you want to truly see an obesity epidemic, this is a great way to cause one.

Comment: Re:Where are the 3.5" SSDs? (Score 4, Informative) 264

by Amouth (#46907663) Attached to: SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Plans For 8TB Next Year

there are a few reasons they don't make 3.5's

1: physical size isn't an issue, for the sizes they release that people are willing to pay for it all fits nicely in 2.5
2: 2.5's work in more devices, including in desktops where 3.5's live. if noting is forcing the 3.5 usage then it would be bad for them to artificially handicap them selves.

now for your commend on larger physical drives being cheaper. Flash does not work the way that normal dries to.

Normal platter drives the areal density directly impacts pricing as it drives the platter surface to be smoother, the film to be more evenly distributed, the head to be more sensitive, the accurater to be more precise, all things that cause higher precision that drive up costs as it increases failure rates and manufacturing defects causing product failure.

Now in the flash world. they use the same silicon lithography that they use for making all other chips. there are two costs involved here.

1: the one time sunk cost of the lithography tech (22nm, 19nm, 14nm...) This cost is spread across everything that goes though it. And in reality evens out to no cost increase for the final product because the more you spend the smaller the feature the more end product you can get out per raw product put in.
2: the cost of the raw material in. It does not matter what level of lithography you are using the raw material is nearly exactly the same (some require doping but costs are on par with each other). So in fact your larger lithographic methods become more expensive to produce product once there is newer tech on the market.

No please note that in the CPU world where you have complex logic sets and designs there is an added cost for the newer lithography as it adds to the design costs. but for flash sets there is nearly zero impact form this as it is such a simple circuit design.

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