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Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 273

My pipe is rather slow, but it's more than fast enough to use move terrabytes of data upstream. Most pipes over here in Europe are big enough for that, same for Asia, don't know what the deal is for the States/Canada/Australia. The thing is, the first full backup of all that data might take a while, but once it's done you only have to worry about new data.

I'm a photographer as well and I use Crashplan (they supported linux) and they're priced similarly (even cheaper I think). The application they provide supports backing up your data to their cloud *AND* other media. The way it works for me is as following:

- Backup to cloud (offsite online backup, new data gets priority)
- Backup to local NAS (onsite backup)
- Weekly backup to portable drive (offsite offline backup)

All with one application.

Comment Re:Infringe all the patents! (Score 1) 126

In Belgium there is a tax on any machine capable of copying books (wether or not anyone would be insane enough to even try it doesn't matter). Any copier, multifunctional printer & whatnot is taxed on it's speed and the money goes to "authors".

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