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Comment: Re:Is this his first veto? (Score 3, Insightful) 437

by Amigan (#49122267) Attached to: Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
Harry Reid served as backstop to make sure unpopular vetoes (and Senate votes) wouldn't take place 2009-2014. Republican majority in the Senate means more bills *might* make it to the President's desk, but only if Dems don't use that evil 'filibuster' thingee that Republicans used.

Comment: Re:Use that pen Mr. President! (Score 1, Offtopic) 182

by Amigan (#48846271) Attached to: Republican Bill Aims To Thwart the FCC's Leaning Towards Title II
You mean his EOs to delay/change/alter the ACA? When Congress attempted to pass "into law" his EO on the delay, he announce he would veto it? It *is* good to be king. Note the 2nd paragraph here - delay that it was a bill to do what the Administration had already announced. Enforcing the law is the Executive branch's job, not changing it.

Comment: government closed dealerships in bailout (Score 2) 141

by Amigan (#48628467) Attached to: Who's To Blame For Rules That Block Tesla Sales In Most US States?
2009 was a momentous/turbulent year for US automobile mfgs. When the Auto Czar decide to ram through the bankruptcy rules for GM, many dealerships were closed in the restructuring. Could others see the handwriting on the wall as a Dem administration was determining whether they could stay in business or not - even if they were profitable - and decided that Republicans were a better bet?

To be totally transparent, I'm one of the many who lost their investment in GM corporate bonds as the current administration rewrote bankruptcy law to screw secured (like me) creditors.

Comment: Re:Simple set of pipelined utilties! (Score 1) 385

by Amigan (#47927353) Attached to: Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd
I would argue that there is a difference between a user application (the web browser and Emacs that you've cited) and processes that the OS depends on to function. I would be more ok with systemd if it were an installation option. It isn't exactly new technology, as AIX (System Resource Controller) and Solaris (System Management Facility) implemented these same concepts before.

Comment: 35 yr member (Score 1) 213

by Amigan (#47576437) Attached to: Vint Cerf on Why Programmers Don't Join the ACM
I first joined as an undergraduate, in part because it was the Professional organization for Computer Scientists/Software Engineers. I was also eventually the student chapter president at my alma mater. Being a student member was relatively inexpensive and allowed me to see what current research was being conducted.

Once I became a working professional (Programmer, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, other titles) the Special Interest Groups (SIGs in ACM speak) became more relevant to me. The organization has always suffered from being more academically oriented than geared towards the working professional.

I don't subscribe to the digital library (DL) because I find the cost prohibitively expensive for what I would use it for. The monthly journal attempts to cater to all sorts (professionals, researchers, academics) and I find a few articles each month of interest.

Does membership carry any prestige? As one can read from these comments, the answer is an overwhelming no - unless you are submitting articles to be published. Making it through the peer review cycle is an achievement. SIG membership gives you access to like minded folks for discussion.

Many of the benefits are now just perception as the world-wide web has subsumed most of what they offer.

Why do I stay a member? Mostly inertia, but I still value a printed resource delivered to my postal mail address rather than only digital medium for information.

Comment: Re:Secure Border Before Amnesty (Score 1) 422

by Amigan (#47232903) Attached to: GOP Voters To Be Targeted By Data Scientists
We had a way, it was called e-Verify.

Dem Congress killed the funding for it and objected to making it mandatory - even though it was required by the last comprehensive immigration reform (Simpson-Mazzoli, 1986).

30 yrs ago, this story was written - does it sound familiar? measuring compliance

+ - Cringley writes on IBM

Submitted by Amigan
Amigan (25469) writes "After a series of blogs written over the past few years, Robert X Cringley has now written a book on IBM, — and its future. From this excerpt, one has to wonder if the firms days are truly numbered."

Comment: Soul of the the New Machine (Score 1) 352

by Amigan (#47008275) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?
I'll second the recommendation on Steve McConnell's Code Complete - I've used it as a college textbook in classes on SE I've taught. On a lighter note, I would recommend Tracy Kidder's The Soul of the New Machine. Somewhat dated, but gives a historical perspective on how/what it took to build a new machine and make it to market.

+ - Parallella ships to Kickstart backers!

Submitted by Amigan
Amigan (25469) writes "Adapteva went the kickstarter route for funding of it's Home HPC machine. It was successfully funded 10/27/2012 w/4965 backers. Shipment was originally thought to be August 2013 — which came and passed. They have now successfully shipped to over 2000 of the kickstart funders (16 core), and are working their way through the 64 core implementation delivery."

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming