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+ - Cringley writes on IBM

Submitted by Amigan
Amigan (25469) writes "After a series of blogs written over the past few years, Robert X Cringley has now written a book on IBM, — and its future. From this excerpt, one has to wonder if the firms days are truly numbered."

+ - Parallella ships to Kickstart backers!

Submitted by Amigan
Amigan (25469) writes "Adapteva went the kickstarter route for funding of it's Home HPC machine. It was successfully funded 10/27/2012 w/4965 backers. Shipment was originally thought to be August 2013 — which came and passed. They have now successfully shipped to over 2000 of the kickstart funders (16 core), and are working their way through the 64 core implementation delivery."

+ - Steve Ballmer this generation's Ken Olsen?

Submitted by Amigan
Amigan (25469) writes "Many may remember that DEC's founder and CEO was quite dismissive of the original IBM PC, so much so that when DEC finally introduced their Intel based system it was incompatible with the 'industry standard.' Steve Ballmer has had just as much a dismissive attitude towards smartphones, at first. Here are three of Steve's quotes that sum it all up."

+ - Law of uninteded consequences - ozone hole

Submitted by
Amigan writes "While it is argued that climate change is settled science and that the IPCC model proves it, there is now evidence that the model did not take into account the ozone hole repair. In this article, based on a new study out of Columbia University, the elimination of CFCs has in fact added to the climate change. So, yes, climate change may be caused by man, but more because of what we do when we do not understand the situation completely and insist on implementing a solution."

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