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+ - Opera 11.50 released->

Submitted by AmigaHeretic
AmigaHeretic (991368) writes "Today we released Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish. With its new streamlined body and highly powerful interior it becomes the most dangerous predator on the internet waters. Opera Swordfish, with its innovative Speed Dial extensions, makes your Speed Dial more alive than ever before. Now you can get all the information you need straight from your Speed Dial, without the need to go to the page. All of this is made possible thanks to the smart Speed Dial extensions, which you can download and install from our addons portal. Beside that, Opera 11.50 allows you to easily synchronize your passwords between computers. This way you can access your favorite services, without repeatedly typing in your passwords on different computers. Opera 11.50 is equipped with our newest rendering engine — Presto 2.9.168 — featuring up to 20% faster rendering of CSS and SVG, support for HTML5 tag , Session History and Navigation and many other enhancements."
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+ - Opera 11 Beta now with Extensions!-> 1

Submitted by AmigaHeretic
AmigaHeretic (991368) writes "Opera 11 Beta has just been released and now includes support for extensions. Also, new in this release Tab Stacking, Visual Mouse Gestures, performance improvements, new installer, and much more. Even with its many new features, Opera 11 is 30% smaller than Opera 10.60. That means that Opera downloads more quickly and installs in fewer steps."
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+ - Fastest Browser on Earth!->

Submitted by AmigaHeretic
AmigaHeretic (991368) writes "Opera has released a beta version of there new 10.5 browser. They are claiming it to be fastest browser on the planet. "Our new JavaScript engine is 8x faster than before." Tests show it edges out even the latest Chrome v5.x beta releases. Vega graphics library, private browsing done properly, and a new Opera Widgets platform that allows widgets to move beyond the Web browser and onto your desktop are just a few of the new features being touted."

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