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Comment Re:Show us the data (Score 4, Insightful) 86

It's almost impossible to compare because figures for the externalized costs of coal and gas are very hard to calculate. It's difficult to evaluate the value of health and a human life, or how much damage can be attributed to energy production and not other things.

In any case, as wind gets cheaper its capacity factor is rocketing up too.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 363

In the EU it would be illegal for Google to provide that data to insurance companies. I really doubt they would violate a very clear, unambiguous law like that.

Specifically, data protection rules require clear opt-in for such a scheme, and insurance rules do not allow insurers to penalize people who don't opt to supply the data. We have been here with driving monitor black boxes before. Much as the insurance companies would love to force everyone to have one, they can't.

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 1) 132

There are easy and effective deterrents to murder that can be realistically enforced.

Realistically we can limit drones in certain ways. Limit range from the transmitter, limit the flight time and size being sold in shops. Allow for enforcement in certain areas where there is already enforcement to stop people getting in, e.g. airports. But unless you are willing to ban flying children's toys and search packages coming from China for them you can't really enforce "no flying over residential areas". Tracking a drone back to its operator with enough evidence for conviction is going to be extremely difficult.

It's the same with lots of other things, e.g. lasers. Realistically we can't stop people owning high power lasers like we can with firearms. The genie is out of the bottle, and everyday consumer electronics contain very powerful laser diodes.

Comment Re:No, just no. (Score 0) 502

Can you even name 1 single barrier faced by women trying to get in tech ?

Being told that girls are not interested in CS by teachers and parents. The "resume test" (identical applicants, one with female name and one with male name). Unwanted attention and comments in the workplace. The kind of bullshit we see on the LKML, that even some men won't put up with. The wage gap (yes, it's real, even after you account for absolutely everything). Brogrammers. I could go on.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 2) 363

What they are really worried about is people being able to install apps that diagnose problems with their car automatically. No need to buy and fit a cheap OBD-II dongle, just head over to the app store and download an app. They are probably also worried about things like emission data becoming common knowledge. The car has sensors, it knows how bad its exhaust is, but most people never see the data from them.

Comment Re:That's not the answer! (Score 1) 132

If you expect to be able to keep aircraft out of the airspace over your house, you are going to be extremely disappointed.

Even if the rule was "no aircraft under 300m over private property", the cost of cameras that can capture clear images of your nude sunbathing is falling rapidly. Even if you somehow stop that, there is always the danger that a satellite will photograph your house from space on a nice clear, sunny day.

There seems to be little point in trying to hold this tide back.

Comment Re:Proof that you don't want govt spending your mo (Score 1) 226

I'm not contesting obesity statistics, I'm saying that the "stupid majority" you blame for so many problems includes you yourself. The idea that the world would be great if it wasn't for all the idiots is just another way to turn you into a compliant, powerless subject of a corporate state.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 889

Okay Mr. SJW, you can point to a single example of Sarah mocking or being abusive and disrespectful? I'll add that it should be outside the LKML, since being on there you have to fit in with the general tone of the place to get anywhere, but you did say "when she's in a position of power".

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1) 502

Can you imagine the shitstorm if female coders started forking OSS projects just because the original had a community that was hostile to them? Actually, it's really easy because you can simply compare these two stories:

Man forks Linux over LKML culture:
Woman leaves LKML over culture:

The guy is just being professional and doing the right thing by walking away and creating a fork. The women is a moaning feminist bitch who should just man up and deal with shit, instead of walking away. It's a double standard, where women are assumed to be acting out of weakness and an urge to nag/misandry.

If you are a women, you can't win. Either you are too weak willed and complaining about nothing, or you have a huge advantage over men, or you are bitch who screams sexism constantly and keeps accusing men of harassing you to get them fired, or you should just fuck off and do your own thing because men just want to be dicks and leave us alone with your feminist clap-trap.

Comment Re:Maybe it's just who we are... (Score 0) 502

And isn't it a bit demeaning to women to suggest that they can't make it in the world of programming if we men don't figure out a way to help them along, or become more welcoming, or whatever?

Nope. It's not about giving women an advantage, it's about giving them a level playing field where they don't have to compete on technical ability AND put up with sexist bullshit at the same time.

Do you realize the incredible advantage a competent female programmer actually has right now, with all the recent focus on getting women into coding and other tech professions? Any company would absolutely *love* to hire good female programmers, and certainly don't want to lose the ones they have.

Sadly the reality is that women are still disadvantaged when applying for jobs in STEM. The classic "resume test", where you send nearly identical resumes with male and female names with job applications demonstrates this over and over again.

This is the same mistake Donald Trump made when he said that young black men had huge advantages. He saw some programmes to help them and assumed that they were starting from the same base as young white guys, so were now ahead. He forgot that young white guys all benefit from the greatest affirmative action program in the history of the world, namely the history of the world.

Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 502

Open source works best when it is a community. While there are millions of little projects that are buy one person alone, all the big ones (Linux, BSD, LibreOffice, GIMP, KDE, Gnome, GNU tools, GCC, LLVM, Inkscape, EMACS, Vi... the list is huge) are the result of many people collaborating.

The old "just work on your own" trope is simply a way to exclude people from a community. It's offering an alternative to being part of the community, rather than addressing the reasons why the community is difficult to join. Imagine if someone suggested that black people could just go and live somewhere else, they don't have to live in this particular suburb that happens to be full of white people. Don't create problems or animosity, just live and work somewhere else.

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