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What you describe is sexual discrimination. While men and women can have differing dress codes (to stay within social norms) the code must not favour one or the other gender overall. If women are given significantly more freedom then you have a case you could take up with your boss, and if that doesn't get you anywhere you can go to tribunal.

+ - Dutch Court Says Gov't Can Receive NSA-Collected Data->

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jfruh (300774) writes "Dutch law makes it illegal for the Dutch intelligence services to conduct mass data interception programs. But, according to a court in the Hague, it's perfectly all right for the Dutch government to request that data from the U.S.'s National Intelligence Agency, and doing so doesn't violate any treaties or international law."
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Some older drives can use the ATA password for encryption, which is presumably what you are describing. The implementation varies. Some drives store the key in plaintext where it can easily be sniffed as it travels over the the HDD's internal bus. The biggest issue though is that in most cases only laptops support the ATA password feature, with virtually no desktop BIOS implementing it.

This new standard defines how the key is to be stored securely and integrates much better with software like BitLocker. As well as being far more secure than the old ATA password method this allows companies to manage their keys. If the user forgets their password they don't lose access to the entire machine, IT can reset it. The password can be changed without wiping the drive. Hibernation and sleep support is much better too.

The old Intel encryption uses the ATA password, but they have been a bit vague on the details so it isn't know how well it works or how secure it is.

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Realistically most people have to trust a commercial company at some point. Even if you switch from Windows to Linux, you still need a CPU and motherboard with BIOS code on it. Even the SSD's firmware could subvert you.

The encryption used here is good enough for most purposes. Sure, the NSA could probably break it, but they probably won't want to. Aside from the time and money it takes, it would reveal their capabilities. The good news is that this kind of encryption has been shown to keep the cops and other low level abusers out quite effectively.

Since there is only a 1-2% performance hit from using this kind of hardware encryption it should become ubiquitous. Hopefully in a few years Windows 9 will prompt you to encrypt your drive at the same time you set up your user account when first booting a new computer.

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American politicians keep saying "they hate our freedom". No, we hate your war on freedom, and your utter contempt for it. You have become worse than the monster you were trying to defend against.

I do sometimes wonder if they know they are the bad guys, or if they have yet to come to that realization.

+ - One trillion Bq released by nuclear debris removal at Fukushima so far

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AmiMoJo (196126) writes "The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says more than one trillion becquerels of radioactive substances were released as a result of debris removal work at one of the plant's reactors. Radioactive cesium was detected at levels exceeding the government limit in rice harvested last year in Minami Soma, some 20 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi. TEPCO presented the Nuclear Regulation Authority with an estimate that the removal work discharged 280 billion becquerels per hour of radioactive substances, or a total of 1.1 trillion becquerels. The plant is believed to be still releasing an average of 10 million becquerels per hour of radioactive material."
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Intel Launches Self-Encrypting SSD 85

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MojoKid writes: Intel just launched their new SSD 2500 Pro series solid state drive, the follow-up to last year's SSD 1500 Pro series, which targets corporate and small-business clients. The drive shares much of its DNA with some of Intel's consumer-class drives, but the Pro series cranks things up a few notches with support for advanced security and management features, low power states, and an extended management toolset. In terms of performance, the Intel SSD 2500 Pro isn't class-leading in light of many enthusiast-class drives but it's no slouch either. Intel differentiates the 2500 Pro series by adding support for vPro remote-management and hardware-based self-encryption. The 2500 Pro series supports TCG (Trusted Computing Group) Opal 2.0 features and is Microsoft eDrive capable as well. Intel also offers an administration tool for easy management of the drive. With the Intel administration tool, users can reset the PSID (physical presence security ID), though the contents of the drive will be wiped. Sequential reads are rated at up to 540MB/s, sequential writes at up to 480MB/s, with 45K – 80K random read / write IOps.

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As a straight male, I've been called Noob, loser, moron, fag (though it doesn't apply), n*gga (though it doesn't apply), whatever.

Go read TFA. Read the first few paragraphs evens. We are talking about rape and death threats, which included the author's home address. She goes on to show how that isn't an isolated incident.

If it were just the usual 12 year old XBOX Live bullshit you would have a point, but this is people going far out of their way to gather information on their targets and make specific, violent threats that they are capable of carrying out.

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What do you mean by 'social skills'? Some would say this means "you just need to know how to talk to women". Why doesn't this apply to women as well? The post itself mentions something about women having to 'talk nice' to men to be heard, and that it's oppressive. Sorry, but if it's good for the gander, then it's good for the goose.

The difference is that when people talk about men knowing how to talk to women they mean knowing how not to be insulting, lecherous dicks showing them with unwanted attention... You know, talking to them like they talk to other guys they have no sexual interest in, i.e. normally.

When people talk about women knowing how to talk to men they mean women knowing how to talk extremely passively so as not to upset some apparently quite delicate feelings. It's the exact thing that a lot of men complain about - women being overly sensitive. The point she is making is that actually some men are at least as bad, and feel insulted and threatened when a women offers constructive criticism.

You can see it all over the comments on this article. A woman dares to suggest that some men are being arseholes when they made credible threats to rape and murder her, and suddenly all these guys get defensive and upset instead of just saying "yeah, maybe people shouldn't do that."

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People keep asking for equality AND special treatment.

Can you say specifically what special treatment the author of the article is asking for? I don't get the impression that she thinks only women should be excluded from death and rape threats, which include details like their home address, and which continue for months and even years after one article was published.

Your misunderstanding is pretty common, unfortunately. She isn't saying that women should have special treatment, she is saying that men generally don't have to put up with this stuff and women shouldn't have to either (i.e. equality). To be absolutely clear, if it was white men being routinely threatened with rape and murder just for doing their job it would still be a problem.

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