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Comment: Re:Slashdot, Stop Spinning the GamerGate Content (Score 1, Informative) 392

by AmiMoJo (#48214271) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

Here is a very short but accurate summary for you. Feel free to repost it.

Some guy broke up with a girl and posted some unverifiable and irrelevant stuff about her on his blog. This started a campaign against her, with increasingly outrageous lies. It was said she slept with a journalist in exchange for a favourable review of her game, but the review doesn't exist and the journalist in question didn't write anything about her after they got together. The GamerGate keeps trying to claim it is interested in journalistic integrity, while repeating this lie over and over again.

Another women, Anita Sarkeesian, made some videos about how games tend to have fairly poor portrayals of women. She was careful to point out that most of it was due to laziness on the part of the developers, even calling the series Tropes vs. Women to emphasize the fact. Even so, this sparked a campaign against her by self-described "gamers" who thought she was attacking games and gaming culture. GamerGate supporters have tried to distance themselves from some of the worst of it (doxing, rape and murder threats, and recently a bomb threat against a university she was due to speak at), while posting conspiracy theories about she sent all these threats to herself... in order to lose money by not being paid to speak or something.

Other female developers who dared to speak out have received similar treatment, such as Brianna Wu. GameGate supporters have also organized somewhat successful campaigns to get advertisers to stop supporting web sites which condemned the treatment of these women. The label "gamer" has come to mean a misogynistic, unpleasant fanboy who masturbates over pixelated tits and nude patches, and should be abandoned by normal people who like games, half of whom are women.

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By the time you get to "police", the accused has already lost his (or her) job, because employers hate dealing with shit like this but can't risk looking soft on harassment.

I agree, but what is your point? We should ignore sexual harassment because the police and society are bad at dealing with it? Shouldn't we try to fix that?

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In modern parlance a troll is someone who uses the remote and/or anonymous nature of the internet to harass others. The separation of the bully and the victim seems to cause much more prolonged or extreme harassment than would happen face to face in many cases.

The meaning of troll in common language has changed I'm afraid, just like hacker and gay did.

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Women generally are the ones who get offended and emotional about this stuff, and therefore are much easier and more exciting targrta.

Ignoring the sexist nature of your comment for a moment, do you think we should simply stop trying to protect anyone from harassment and bullying because clearly it's their own fault for being sensitive to their disability/skin colour/nationality/etc? You are just blaming the victim here.

The bully will move on to someone weaker and raiser to get a rise out of.

Right, problem solved, or at least pushed on to to the next victim.

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Can we first then agree one what exactly constitutes a troll?

Probably not in the way you want to agree. It isn't possible to write down every specific behaviour and every possible situation that would be trolling. That's why we have courts to decide these things by evaluating the facts of each case, which tend to be somewhat unique.

I know that isn't very satisfactory, but that's the way the world is.

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The registry is there to allow user's profiles to move from machine to machine easily, and be part of Active Directory. If you set up Word the way you like on one machine the settings should go with you if you log in at a different office on a different PC. Admins can also make network wide configuration changes easily this way, to the OS and applications.

Vista actually cleaned up the config file mess quite a bit. Applications now get a virtualized filesystem. Attempting to write config files into their down directory, or worse still the Windows directory, has them diverted to %APPDATA%.

Applications and also choose to use the Local, LocalLow and Roaming directories. Local is for stuff local to the current machine, like a web browser cache. LocalLow is similar to Local but has reduced permissions, so is more secure than Local. Roaming is for things which follow your profile from machine to machine, such as the web browser's settings. It's quite sensible and well thought out really.

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Describe for me, programmatically, the difference between a stoplight and a taillight.
and a police light
and a neon sign
and every other red light on earth...

Height above ground.

Humans already have the same problem in low light conditions, and we already solved it. Still, occasionally people mistake other random red lights in the sky or on buildings for stop lights.

Data Storage

BitTorrent Performance Test: Sync Is Faster Than Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox 109

Posted by timothy
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An anonymous reader writes Now that its file synchronization tool has received a few updates, BitTorrent is going on the offensive against cloud-based storage services by showing off just how fast BitTorrent Sync can be. More specifically, the company conducted a test that shows Sync destroys Google Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive, and Dropbox. The company transferred a 1.36 GB MP4 video clip between two Apple MacBook Pros using two Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapters, the site as a real-time clock, and the Internet connection at its headquarters (1 Gbps up/down). The timer started when the file transfer was initiated and then stopped once the file was fully synced and downloaded onto the receiving machine. Sync performed 8x faster than Google Drive, 11x faster than OneDrive, and 16x faster than Dropbox.

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Releasing hacked drivers won't be easy. On all versions of Windows you get scary warnings if the drivers are not signed, and since Vista you can't install non-signed drivers on a 64 bit system at all without hacks. As of Windows 8 even the hack only lasts until you reboot.

These days ripping off drivers is not really an option, unless you have your own certificate to sign them with. Certs are not hard to get, but they also tend to get cancelled once FTDI fine out about them.

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