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Comment Re:"save environment for women" (Score 2) 112

Wow. Just wow.

You are saying that calling for a workplace free from harassment and threats is actually itself harassment of men. Because men must be free to harass...

I'm a man and I don't need to validate myself by harassing people, and I don't feel harassed or oppressed when people suggest I shouldn't abuse women. If you do, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

The MRAs are really screwing up Slashdot. +5 insightful for this crap?

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 112

So you link to their "support" of handing out the S.C.U.M. is... I'm not sure, are you saying they should have deleted the comment that seems to be suggesting that the parent is an extremist and so should hand it out? The link really doesn't seem to support your claim that they support this document, quite the opposite in fact.

As for the conference, it seems that someone wanted to give a talk not really related to information security, and the conference organizers asked the Ada Initiative for advice. They suggested that as the subject matter may be problematic for some attendees that they should consider if the material is appropriate for people expecting an information security conference and if there should be warnings. It's an IT conference, and talk about sex and drugs doesn't really fit. The talk was then cancelled by the organizers. I don't see a problem here.

Comment Re:BT is doing the opposite of this in the UK (Score 1) 94

BT's goal is to milk their existing copper network as much as possible before being forced to upgrade it by the government. There is very little competition, and in many areas none at all. Zero incentive to upgrade the network if they can force you to simply pay the same amount for a shitty copper line and ADSL.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 324

Should you be able to pay any amount of money to be able to do that legally? To compensate society for the damage?

Can you adequately compensate someone for death or serious and unfixable health problems?

Ok, fair enough... What if each bulb came with a $5 tax that went into a clean energy fund that helped pay for wind and solar?

Wouldn't it just make more sense not to pollute in the first place? Why clean up a mess when you can easily avoid making it in the first place, especially when the mess is likely to do permanent damage to people's health?

There are in fact applications where incandescent are useful. Not many, but some. And some people just prefer them.

When there is justification, i.e. no other reason, that's fine. "I just prefer polluting" is not acceptable, sorry. We have to share this environment.

Comment Re:Oh, Christ, here we go... (Score -1) 112

FTFA: "Check back for our Diversity in Open Source series, which starts August 10."

Yes, of fucking course, because the product takes second place to having enough women and minorities that are safe from microaggressions working on it.

The quote doesn't seem to support your statement. What about it makes you think they put diversity and safety from microaggressions above the product?

For every woman that claims there's some inherent "truth" that conferences need "anti-harassment policies" and "safe spaces", I'd like to be a woman that says there are plenty of women with experiences that indicate the problem isn't as bad as they say it is.

Perhaps it would help to clarify that by "safe spaces" they mean places where there is no open harassment and abuse. Like what has happened to many female developers on social media in the last year or two, for example. I don't think many people would argue that there should be law-free zones where that kind of thing is allowed.

Maybe, then, the solution is to stop treating feminism as if it's a constant problem for everyone at all times.

FTFY. Seriously, can't we even talk about this without being accused of bizarre stuff we didn't say or advocate? You seem to have assumed an awful lot just from the name of the organization.

Comment Re:No one knows who you are on the internet (Score 0) 112

It's actually somewhat tricky to participate in some open source projects and remain anonymous. I use various pseudonyms on different sites, but recently someone realized who I was just from one. Turns out I did an only somewhat related interview with my real name years ago, and they track that through my personal web site and put it all together. No malicious, I just didn't try to mask my real identify hard enough.

Personally I don't think I should have to protect my real identity just to participate in various open source projects without fear of being treated differently due my gender or whatever. I've had racist discrimination and even abuse before due to my real name. I shouldn't have to hide, it should be a choice.

Comment Re:Compiler optimizer bugs (Score 1) 245

Depends, these days a lot of C# programmers use multi-threading by default and in fact many popular C# frameworks require it. For example, in WPF you pretty much have to use separate processes for everything, and many WPF components will generate new threads for your callbacks to execute in etc.

It's been made a lot easier and simpler. It is homework level stuff, a basic requirement of keeping apps responsive with modern UI frameworks and software development patterns.

On the other hand he might just have been fork()ing like crazy, which would indeed be pretty scary. Task.TaskFactory, BackgroundWorker and lambda expressions, not so much.

Comment Re:No, we need to ditch this web idiocy completely (Score 1) 86

The API is present so that websites can know to dial down the dumb crap when the user's device has low battery.

I think you will find that its primary purpose is to display full screen ads screaming "LOW BATTERY!!! CLICK HERE TO BUY MEGA-ULTRA-BATTERY OVER 9000mAh TOP QUALITY IPHONE LAPTOP ANDROID WINDOWS 10 GENUINE" with the volume at 109%.

Comment Re:Whoa, we really need to think this through... (Score 1) 198

It will just be used as way of fighting the on-going cyber cold war without taking military action. Corporate soldiers will do the actual fighting under the fig leaf of "defence", after some government agent launches a fake and ineffective attack on them.

Comment Re:Oh boy, here we go... (Score 1) 324

Yes, we haven't had the best record of that in the past, but that doesn't mean we can't change that, we just have to be willing to do so. You can't put the output of a coal or natural gas power plant in a box, no matter how hard you try.

Well, actually you can, it's called carbon capture, but anyway, back to nuclear...

While it's all great in theory, it doesn't work in practice. If you want it to work I think you would need to demonstrate it commercially. Someone like Elon Musk, but doing it for nuclear. Building a viable, profitable commercial scale thorium reactor and running it. Really revolutionizing the industry. It's unlikely to happen, but that's what it would take.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 324

And I was ranting a few years ago against government over reach when they wanted to ban incandescent bulbs. I still am, it isn't their job to pick winners.

Where do you draw the line and how did you decide on that exact spot?

It is illegal to dump toxic industrial waste in your back yard. I think most people would agree that that is reasonable regulation that allows us all to live together. Right at the other end of the scale you have incandescent light bulbs, which waste a lot of energy compared to CCFL and LED, and even halogen, and thus generate more pollution from electricity generation. Okay, it depends where you live, where your energy comes from etc. But generally speaking using them pollutes more than other forms of lighting.

So where is the line? How much pollution, how far away from populated areas, what kind of health damage is acceptable? You are arguing over the position of this line that separates things the government should regulate from those it should not, and I'm interested to know what criteria and reasoning you use.

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