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Comment: Re: What makes this a gigafactory? (Score 1) 87

by AmiMoJo (#47564885) Attached to: Tesla and Panasonic Have Reached an Agreement On the Gigafactory

The problem is the vast amount of computer code and documentation that uses kilobyte=1024. In fact even today most memory manufacturers use the power of 2 notation. Pick a random datasheet for a DRAM chip, a microcontroller, an EEPROM or flash memory and I guarantee they will use powers of 2 and the "old" words like gigabit or the "MB" suffix.

It would have made a lot more sense to define new words for powers of 10. Kibibyte = 1000 bytes etc. Only hard drive manufacturers would have been mildly annoyed, until they realized that they didn't have to print "1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes" on the label any more.

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Are you aware of Cyanogen? Did you know that you can buy high end phones with Cyanogen as the default OS? Cyanogen is built from AOSP and is fully free. It also supports extensive ad-blocking and app permission control, way beyond what any other mobile OS offers.

In what way exactly is Android not free? You can build and run it perfectly well without the Google apps, as Cyanogen and many others do. The resulting OS is fully featured and compatible, and can be distributed commercial without permission from Google.

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Chome is no worse than most other browsers. Firefox sends search requests to Google, IE sends them to Bing by default. They all include feedback mechanisms that can be turned off.

Chrome actually has a pretty good porn mode. It doesn't have any advertising built in and supply supports AdBlock and other privacy enhancing plug-ins. I'm really not sure why you think it's goal is to counter privacy and choice. Can you be more specific?

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Even back when individuals could make it they would still mostly have been better off fighting to improve their current situation. A key part of the American Dream is supporting things like low taxation for the rich, because one day you too might be rich, and minimal employee rights because one day you might be the employer. People screw themselves in the hope that it will pay off later, but for 99.99% of people it never does.

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According to TFA they correlated certain reactions with attractive photos, which means they must have looked at the photos to determine if they were attractive or not. It isn't clear how far they went into people's private profiles to do this. Maybe it was all innocent, but it seems creepy because they were not transparent about it and probably would have kept quiet if Facebook hadn't been caught.

I know what people will say, they uploaded their photos to a web site and have no expectation of privacy. Well, actually they do. A site like OK Cupid needs to maintain a good image and handle customer data with respect. If you went to a brick and mortar dating agency you would expect them to keep your profile secure and only show more than the front cover to people you authorized them to. You certainly wouldn't expect random members of staff to go through your file without telling you.

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When you say "it doesn't boot", do you mean it does nothing when you try to turn it on? If you can get into the bootloader menu it is often possible to wipe the device from there, or at least do a factory reset and make it bootable again.

It might also be worth trying a USB connection. Even if the screen doesn't work it might get you an ADB connection, which can be used for wiping.

Otherwise the only option is a hammer. You could possibly remove the motherboard and sell the screen, battery and other bits. The memory chips have to die though.

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Keyboard phones didn't sell well. People realised that swipe keyboards are actually faster than trying to type on tiny keys. Most people don't do massive amounts of typing on their phones anyway. Of they need to they get a tablet, Bluetooth keyboard or ultra portable laptop.

Keyboard phones sound good on paper but when people actually tried them the reality hit home.

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