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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 250

If they had "no interest in monetising your data" then why does iAd exist at all? What was the always-on impossible to disable location logging about? Something doesn't add up here.

Apple and Google both recognised that people will demand privacy for things like health data. There is a difference of philosophy about how it should be managed - Apple takes the hand holding walled garden approach and just denies a lot of stuff, while Google gives you more options to decide for yourself.

You pays your money, you takes your choice. Google will let you buy ad free versions of most services, Apple makes you pay via hardware, or you pay via advertising and aggregation of your data.

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 250

This trope really needs to die. If people were treated like products they wouldn't use Google services. Google has to treat users as customers, and indeed does sell a lot of stuff to them (services, apps, hardware). If it didn't the users would go somewhere else and Google would die.

This is obvious. The situation is simply more complex than the trope makes out. Unless you can get past the trope we can't really discuss Google in any meaningful way. There are problems, but not "you are the product".

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 250

Apple just wants to do an infotainment system. Google's system is much more comprehensive, and will replace much of the car dashboard like the Tesla one does.

Google are aiming to provide a standard system that every car can use for all dashboard functionality. It will take time to get there, but eventually they want to be the big car OS, like they are currently the big mobile/tablet OS. Not just an add on entertainment system. Considering how crap many manufacturer's dashboards and human interfaces are, it could really raise the bar, or not.

It's a shame they don't offer both options in the new 911. The systems are not compatible and I wouldn't get an iPhone just for the car.

Comment Re:Sincerely, good luck (Score 1) 467

The flaw in your scenario is that you actually have to be a bigot for it to work. Eich was a bigot, Hunt stood by his comments. In Hunt's case his employer acted rather quickly, but in the end his position was untenable. If it wasn't he would have been able to claim a lot of money for unfair dismissal in the UK.

Do the GP is correct. Just avoid getting a bigot and you have nothing to worry about. If you make a mistake, apologise. Standing by their bigotry is what got those guys fired.

Comment Re:Proof that you don't want govt spending your mo (Score 1) 210

The average person cannot be fat, stupid, oblivious, trusting of advertising (and paid studies and other obviously biased sources), saturated in meaningless tabloid bullshit, and view non-job-related thought as tedium to be avoided or offloaded

That's not the average person. The average person is permanently angry, and blames everyone else for all the problems they see. If only everyone else was just like them, eyes open, took the red pill etc. everything would be so much better.

Many of them watch Fox News, but there are equivalents for all predispositions. They all give you the same thing though - hatred of all the other sheeple ruining your life, and the feeling that you are powerless against the hoards of mindless idiots who watch the other channels.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 160

I'm sorry, but I really can't see how any reasonable listener could conclude that she things everything is sexist and racist from what she said. Clearly, she does not think everything in the entire world, every argument, every thought is sexist and racist.

The people posting the edited clip are trying to make out that she automatically assumes everything is sexist and racist without cause or thought. That is clearly not the case.

Also, merely labelling a philosophy or point of view as a region does not make it so. Atheism and feminism are not religions. Patriarchy theory is merely the observation that men have dominated and shaped society for much of history, which would seem to be an undeniable historical fact, and that the influence of that is sometimes problematic (the only slightly controversial part).

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2) 837

Women, on the other hand, will do it behind your back and will be far more vindictive about it.

Trolls aside, this is one of the most misogynist posts I've seen on Slashdot for weeks.

Can we please stop modding up the "men = rational, straightforward, easy to deal with, women = irrational, devious, back-stabbing" trope? 9 times out of 10 the comment containing the trope disproves it anyway.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2) 837

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

That's usually said to children who have been hurt by words, and it's nonsense. It's telling them to suppress their emotional response entirely, which isn't healthy. Mental illness is just as real as physical illness, and it's often caused by not processing emotions.

The reason that things like solitary confinement or threatening violence work and are considered torture is because even if there is no physical harm there is still very real harm being done.

It's not weak to process such things. If other children are being nasty to your kid, instead of telling them to ignore it you should talk to them about it, explain why what they say is stupid and untrue, help them work through it and come out emotionally stronger and better able to deal with their emotional responses internally. Suppression is just toxic masculinity at its worst, and doesn't lead to a healthy mind.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 837

It's not about harsh criticism for mistakes or being overly sensitive. It's about simple abuse for no reason. What does calling someone a "fuckwad" actually achieve? How is that criticising the code on a technical basis?

Ever notice how Slashdot posts that make reasoned arguments get modded up, while ones that consist "you gay fucktard" tend to end up at -1?

If you need to vent your anger take up a martial art or play some CoD like everyone else, don't take it out on people who are trying to help you by contributing to your open source project. Just because there are a lot of people who will put up with your abuse does not justify it.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 837

Where I work we try to operate a "no blame" culture as much as possible. SJWs will go nuts hearing that, assuming it's some kind of feminazi take-over where criticism = abuse and is not allowed, but it's actually good engineering practice and improves our products.

People are responsible, of course. But when something goes wrong, we don't stop to assign blame or berate the person responsible. They know they screwed up, and laying in to them won't fix it. We look for solutions, and we involve everyone, including the screw-up who probably has a good understanding of the issue or would benefit from receiving one. Because of that staff stay here longer, build up knowledge and skills, and our products improve.

There was a story from years back about this. Engineer made a mistake, cost the company $1,000,000 to fix. The engineer was surprised to find that he wasn't being fired, and asked his boss why. His boss said, "are you kidding? I just paid for $1,000,000 of training for you!" Stopping to blame that person and make them feel worse than they already do accomplishes nothing, other than slowing down their efforts to fix the problem.

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