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Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 109 109

It would be suicide anyway. Their biggest competitor now is Android, which is free forever. Chrome OS, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux... All free, forever. They already offer Windows 8 for free on devices with screens under 13", the only caveat being that the default search setting must be Bing (it can be changed by the user). That's why cheap Windows 8 tablets suddenly became competitive about a year ago - they are basically the same hardware as Android ones, and no Windows tax on top.

Comment: Re:Color Blindness is a "Micro-Aggression" (Score 1) 165 165

Honestly, I have no trouble avoiding being a dick to people in my daily life. I get the impression that some people are really oblivious to how they piss people off and just assume everyone else is insane and it can't possible be them. I don't know how to help people like that.

Comment: Re:Color Blindness is a "Micro-Aggression" (Score 1) 165 165

Did you read the explanation in the column next to it? I sounds like you didn't.

Saying colour is irrelevant trivializes or denies the problems associated with skin colour. It's really not hard to understand. Don't discriminate or generalize about skin colour, and don't deny that it's a problem in society.

Comment: Re:huh (Score 1) 165 165

They cite that as an example of someone complaining that minorities are given jobs not on merit, but because they are a minority. The relative merit of that exact phrase depends on context. In the context of "I think a meritocracy is a good thing" it's fine, in the context of "they only got that job because they are black and there is a lower bar for them" it's problematic.

The problem with linking to individual documents like this is that people take them out of context or without understanding the language they use. You really need to read the whole body of work to judge it properly.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 635 635

240v/32A is standard in Europe for "fast" chargers. 4 hours for a Leaf, but of course you never go down to absolutely 0% charge and push your car the last few metres to the post, so more like 3 hours after a long journey. That's more than enough for home charging. I say that as an EV owner.

Comment: Re:Microsoft is not trustworthy for a rolling rele (Score 1) 109 109

How is that any different to how things were previously? Every OS ever shipped with bugs and was patched later, especially once online patching became a thing.

The real issue is that new features will début via Windows Update, rather than via a new version of Windows. It used to be that once a version of Windows reached SP1 it was pretty stable and debugged, and you could stick with it for years. Now they will keep adding new features and making major changes as time goes on, so if you liked the way it used to be you can't just stick on Windows 10 and ignore Windows 11 because there won't be a Windows 11, only necessary updates to Windows 10 that you can't avoid if you want security.

Comment: Re: Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 1) 226 226

You are arguing that there is no need for some laws because no-one discriminates on those grounds. That's a bad way to make laws. They should be as broad as possible so that they don't have to figure out every single possible situation. Laws should set out the principals that should apply in all cases.

The principal is that discrimination of things that a person cannot control, such as their sexuality, is not allowed. Rather than coming up with a list of exceptions of inclusions to that rule, it should just be a general rule. Aside from simplifying the situation, it's also the best possible option for society in general, since society generally does not tolerate discrimination of that kind even if there are religious reasons for it. Religion is a choice, it offers no protection.

Comment: Re:Links to the actual study? (Score 1) 252 252

Sorry, I looked for a non-paywalled copy but couldn't find one. I thought the story would be a good opportunity to mean about stuff we like that was cancelled/discontinued, and how if online advertisers could identify these people they could spam them with adverts for competitor's products.

I'm trying to keep Slashdot alive here with a light story and a chance for some good old geek nostalgia/venting.

Comment: Re:Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 2) 226 226

My expectation is that it will be quickly overrun by trolls. Some of them non-Christians, but many of them Christian trolls pushing an extreme view and harassing others with it. The Bible is so contradictory that you can find a way to interpret some bit of it to support pretty much any point of view, and then batter your opponent over the head with it and scream about them burning forever in the fires of hell etc. The best part is that your opponent is full of self doubt and loathing so won't just dismiss you as a troll in most cases.

For evidence, see current Christian groups on Facebook.

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