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Comment: Re:Not just iPhone (Score 1) 128

by AmiMoJo (#47437117) Attached to: Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

Actually, anything with practically opaque internals is a potential security hole

While true it doesn't change the fact that we know for sure that the NSA and GCHQ are extremely bad offenders. Maybe others are at it too, but all we can do is act on the information we have and that information says that American and British products are routinely bugged.

Comment: Re:We are winning! (Score 1) 163

by AmiMoJo (#47434637) Attached to: DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets

And each bullet costs just two times the GDP of the entire village the terrorist is hailing from!

Each bullet creates two more "terrorists", or "freedom fighters" as they were known back in the 80s when they were our friends.

The best thing to do is provide aid from a distance, but otherwise don't get involved. No troops, no arming one side or the other, just food and medicine. The Islamists were losing until we destabilized those countries to the point where they could start winning.

Comment: Re:Incandescent will be best for the environment. (Score 1) 220

by AmiMoJo (#47434611) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

This is a common misunderstanding of how solar fits into the current grid. Demand is highest during peak solar hours. Even if you don't use the power in your own home it gets exported to the grid and runs the air-con and PCs where you work, or some industrial process.

Since the daytime peak consumption is supplied by sources that can ramp up and down, including coal, solar has a huge positive environmental impact.

Comment: Re:Buy Surge Protectors (Score 2) 76

APC used to be good, but these days most of their range is crap. They went the same route as DeWalt and many other once good brands, relying on their name to sell rather than continued quality.

Also, they are a US company making things that connect to your network/computer, so you have to worry about the NSA. A surge protector filtering your entire internet connection as it comes into your house would be a fantastic place for a bug.

Comment: Re:I found this article to be more informative (Score 1) 211

by AmiMoJo (#47430379) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

It is quite true that everyone spied on everyone else but that was because of fear and intimidation tactics used by the regime.

Sounds a lot like what they are doing in the UK at the moment with paedophilia. They are actually talking about making it a law not to report suspicions now.

Comment: Re:No. (Score 1) 473

It's more like they had too many qualities that audiophiles didn't want. The 650MB driver, limited only by the available storage capacity of a CD-ROM, contained vast amounts of crapware with hundreds of effects and "enhancements" available. Audiophiles bought cheap Via Envy24 cards that let you bypass everything, including the Windows sound mixer, and output an unmolested signal.

Comment: Re:No. (Score 5, Insightful) 473

People who really care about audio quality don't buy Creative hardware anyway. That's for gamers. If you want sound quality there are many cards with cheap but excellent chipsets. Via Envy24 codes and Wolfson DACs are the preferred combination, and cards with them cost under a tenner.

Much better to spend the money on better speakers or a headphone amp. If you really want high end sound get an external DAC.

Comment: Re:Climate Change on Slashdot? Bring on the fun! (Score 2) 380

by AmiMoJo (#47423311) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Global surface temperatures have risen in the last 16 years according to NASA and many other sources:

Don't mistake the last few year's of flat lining for proof that climate change isn't happening. Climate change is the long term trend, not the last few years.

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