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Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen 160

Posted by samzenpus
from the have-a-pile-of-money dept.
An anonymous reader writes The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft plans to be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing for mobile startup Cyanogen Inc. Neither company is commenting on the plan but last week during a talk in San Francisco, Cyanogen's CEO said the company's goal was to "take Android away from Google." According to Bloomberg: "The talks illustrate how Microsoft is trying to get its applications and services on rival operating systems, which has been a tenet of Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella. Microsoft has in the past complained that Google Inc., which manages Android, has blocked its programs from the operating system."

Comment: Re:Government Intervention (Score 2) 400

by AmiMoJo (#48934231) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When and How Did Europe Leapfrog the US For Internet Access?

The UK isn't doing very well. Many people can't get 25Mb because that's way above what ADSL2 can offer them and there is no alternative. I only have a choice of one ISP (Virgin) and they suck.

I remember back on 2004. My girlfriend in Japan had 100/100Mb fibre and it cost her about £20/month. Over a decade later nothing like that exists in the UK. That's how far behind we are.

Data Storage

Former NATO Nuclear Bunker Now an 'Airless' Unmanned Data Center 139

Posted by timothy
from the no-humans-involved dept.
An anonymous reader writes A German company has converted a 1960s nuclear bunker 100 miles from network hub Frankfurt into a state-of-the-art underground data center with very few operators and very little oxygen. IT Vision Technology (ITVT) CEO Jochen Klipfel says: 'We developed a solution that reduces the oxygen content in the air, so that even matches go outIt took us two years'. ITVT have the European Air Force among its customers, so security is an even higher priority than in the average DC build; the refurbished bunker has walls 11 feet thick and the central complex is buried twenty feet under the earth.

Comment: Re:627,000 jobs, are they real? (Score 1) 134

by AmiMoJo (#48930735) Attached to: The American App Economy Is Now "Bigger Than Hollywood"

I wonder how they came up with the 627,000 figure as well. Number of licences sold * average number of programmers per app maybe? Some people shit out apps all day long, ending up with hundreds or even thousands in the App Store in the hope that one makes it big. When are are 100,000 other flashlight/advertising apps the only way to have any hope of being picked is to create 1000 slightly different flashlight/advertising apps of your own.

Comment: Re:Tsk tsk tsk (Score 1) 103

by AmiMoJo (#48930723) Attached to: Snowden Documents: CSE Tracks Millions of Downloads Daily

The number is actually lower than 0.0001%, because by "interesting" they mean "downloaded how_2_pipe_bomb.pdf" and not "genuine terrorist threat worthy of further monitoring". Back at school everyone had floppy disk copies of the Anarchists Cookbook, and I imagine it is pretty popular with the kids online these days too. Terrorist suspects, the lot of them.

Comment: Re:inflation embiggens numbers (Score 1) 514

by AmiMoJo (#48925055) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

Actually it's kinda dumb. They avoid tax and then complain that there are not enough skilled workers for them to hire. If it gets too bad there won't be enough people with money to buy their products.

Japan has the largest number of long-lived (50+ years) companies in the world. They pay their taxes and treat their staff well. Long term gain over short term profit.

Comment: Re:Slave Labour is certainly profitable (Score 1) 514

by AmiMoJo (#48924973) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

My Panasonic TV was made in Japan, my Nissan electric vehicle was made in the UK.

Okay, I'm sure parts were made in China... Less so with the TV because Panasonic manufacture components themselves in Japan too. The point is that if Japanese electronics manufacturers (Sharp, Sony and many others also have factories in Japan) can do it then so can Apple. Even Samsung has factories in Korea. Apple only recently started doing to assembly in the US, that's it.

Comment: Re:God, what drivel ... (Score 1) 207

by AmiMoJo (#48922745) Attached to: Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

Sounds like you want a really cut down Linux system. Perhaps Gentoo? Otherwise you are inevitably going to get stuff you don't want in the default install of every commercial OS. When you start up MacOS or iOS you have to tell Apple to fuck off I don't want an account fuck you very much, and ditto with Android and a Google Account. Ubuntu comes with all kinds of crap installed by default, including sending searches to Amazon.

It's annoying but it's apparently what most people seem to want.

Comment: Re:Have some! (Score 1) 207

by AmiMoJo (#48922703) Attached to: Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

When you install Windows 8, if the machine is connected to the internet it will ask for a Microsoft ID. You can't seem to skip it either, or at least I couldn't find a way to. You can remove it later, or just disconnect from the internet when booting for the first time.

I have not tried Windows 10 so I don't know if you can skip it now, or if you have to disconnect still.

Comment: Re:Ugly as it can be? (Score 1) 207

by AmiMoJo (#48922683) Attached to: Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

I think Google started it. Makes sense for web stuff because instead of wasting bandwidth on a button image you just have a flat shaded HTML element. At any rate, Google's web apps started going that way long before either Apple or Windows 8 did.

I think it's mostly fine, the only big issue being that some designers don't make buttons stand out enough. The calculator app in TFA is the worst, with no indication of where the buttons are except for their captions. Apple made Yosemite look very washed out too which doesn't help. Google is a mixture - they use a lot of bold, primary colours with loads of contrast but then also use some very low contrast elements too sometimes.

Star Trek's LCARS had the right idea. Loads of contrast, simple flat look. Could have done with some more colour.

Comment: Re: Change for change's sake (Score 1) 207

by AmiMoJo (#48922659) Attached to: Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

I like the flat look except for one massive flaw - buttons have no outline. Look at the screenshot of the calculator in TFA. What part of the window is a clickable button and what isn't? Not knowing means my brain automatically lines the cursor up with the small numbers, which is much more effort than just getting somewhere over the button which is probably quite large.

The rest of it looks fine. The icons are a bit "1987 made-in-Deluxe-Paint for a PD library" design, with thin and awkward looking lines in places, but generally quite acceptable.

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