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Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 31 31

They mean that the customer pays to have their low latency traffic prioritized. Basically what some business packages already offer.

The datacap thing is more worrying. It is supposed to work like "all streaming music is exempt", not "just our streaming music service is exempt", but that has to be enforced by regulators. It's hard to see how they would exempt all streaming music services anywhere in the world, from a technical point of view. Streaming over HTTP looks a lot like downloading a very large file over HTTP.

Comment: Re:Morons ... (Score 4, Insightful) 161 161

Any lawsuit that uses "and/or" should be immediately tossed and the lawyers fined for being shit at law. Make a specific argument, don't shotgun every possible infringement on the books. If you do, it's obvious you hope the defendant will simply cave in and not challenge you.

+ - Data roaming charges to end in the EU

AmiMoJo writes: Mobile phone users in the EU will see an end to roaming charges within two years. From April 2016 charges will be reduced by around 75%, followed by a full ban in June 2017. The rules also enshrine net neutrality, although with some caveats. The president of the ALDE group, Guy Verhofstadt, said the "great roaming rip-off" was to be brought to an end.

+ - Popular VPNs Leak Data, Don't Offer Promised Privacy And Anonymity

An anonymous reader writes: VPN services can be used for circumventing Internet censorship and accessing blocked content, but researchers warn that you shouldn't believe the companies' claims that they offer privacy and anonymity. A group of researchers from the Sapienza University (Rome) and Queen Mary University (London) have recently tested 14 of the most popular commercial VPN services: Hide My Ass, IPVanish, Astrill, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN, PureVPN, TorGuard, AirVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, VyprVPN, Tunnelbear, proXPN, Mullvad, and Hotspot Shield Elite. They found that ten of them leak IP data, and all except one are vulnerable to IPv6 DNS hijacking attacks.

+ - Finnish co-inventor of SMS texting dies->

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC News reports that Matti Makkonen, one of the "grand old man of mobile industry" who helped launch the worldwide sensation of texting, has died at the age of 63 after an illness.

Although planning to retire later in 2015 from the board of Finnet Telecoms, Makkonen constantly remained fascinated with communications technologies, from the Nokia 2010 mobile phone to 3G connections.

He lived just enough to witness the last remnants of former finnish mobile industry giant Nokia disappear, as Redmond announced its intent last month to convert all Nokia stores into Microsoft-branded Authorised Reseller and Service Centres, offering Xbox game consoles alongside the Nokia-drived Lumia range of smartphones.

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Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 157 157

My car has the speedometer right below the windscreen, in the driver's eyeline when looking forwards. It's actually distracting. With the police using dodgy equipment and the proliferation of cameras you become obsessed with making sure I'm never even 1MPH over the limit. That if I see a mobile site in the distance I can slam on the brakes and do a good 15 MPH under the limit, to offset errors form their equipment. They camouflage them so you have to be extra vigilant.

Obsession with speed and limits makes the roads less safe.

Comment: Re: How stupid could someone be? (Score 2) 97 97

Please don't try to limit the number of installs. It breaks horribly when you try to do a re-install, or move to a new PC, or run in a VM. The nature of this software is that techs will often install it on customer's PCs, clean them and then remove it.

Install counters are evil.

+ - Software to protect the users identity on the web are vulnerable to leaks in UK

jan_jes writes: According to researchers at Queen Mary University of London, Services used by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK to protect their identity on the web are vulnerable to leaks. The study of 14 popular VPN providers found that 11 of them leaked information about the user because of a vulnerability known as ‘IPv6 leakage’. The leakage occurs because network operators are increasingly deploying a new version of the protocol used to run the Internet called IPv6. The study also examined the security of various mobile platforms when using VPNs and found that they were much more secure when using Apple’s iOS, but were still vulnerable to leakage when using Google’s Android. Similarly Russian researchers have exposed the breakthrough U.S. spying program few months back.

+ - ITER won't be ready until 2027->

Taco Cowboy writes: Started back in 1985, the ITER, (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project has suffered repeated delays and cost overruns, so much so that the first plasma originally scheduled for 2019 is "clearly not feasible", according to Dr. Bernard Bigot, the newly appointed director general

Part of the reason for the slow progress is down to the way the project is structured. The European Union, as host party, will contribute up to about 50% of the costs and the other parties 10% each. However, technical decisions require consensus and because those relating to the design of components will inevitably impact some parties more than others, it is difficult to reach. In one case discussions dragged on for six years without a definitive answer. Without that decision work did not progress

Dr. Bigot decides that ITER must gear up to take a more decisive role in the project. “What was plaguing the project before is that there was confusion between the best technical solution and sharing of the cost," said Bigot. “Now I want just the best technical decision. The cost will be covered according to the share of the parties, reflecting the spirit of the ITER agreement"

Dr. Bigot's current aim is to accomplish the deuterium-tritium plasma (previously planned for March 2027), to a more realistic date. “We are now considering the best way to move on from the first plasma and rush as much as possible to the DT plasma, which will please the scientific community," Bigot said

ITER intends to step up to the plate whenever some parties face difficulties complying with the schedule for delivery of equipment by putting the interests of the project first, and redistribute tasks. For example, the organization has already taken charge of procurement of some components on behalf of domestic agencies, although they still remain responsible for the costs

Dr. Bigot stresses that the project is too far advanced for design changes, with more than €7 billion of procurement contracts in place and over 1000 companies at work

“You could not just change [the scope] in the middle...you have to go, or stop." He concluded: "The time has come for the ITER Organization to demonstrate it is serious. The biggest risk is that we lose trust of the political leaders and public opinion, then the project would be dead"

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+ - UK's National Computer Museum Seeks Repairmen for BBC Micros->

tresho writes: 1981-era 8-bit BBC Micro computers and peripherals are displayed in a special interactive exhibit designed to give modern students a taste of programming a vintage machine."We want to find out whether people have got skills out there that can keep the cluster alive as long as we can," said Chris Monk, learning co-ordinator at the organisation.

Owen Grover, a volunteer at the museum who currently helps maintain the cluster of BBC Micro machines, said they held up well despite being more than 30 years old. The BBC Micro was "pretty robust", he said, because it was designed to be used in classrooms. This meant that refurbishing machines for use in the hands-on exhibit was usually fairly straightforward. "The main problem we need to sort out is the power supply," he said. "There are two capacitors that dry out and if we do not replace them they tend to explode and stink the place out. So we change them as a matter of course." General maintenance on the machines includes replacing keys that stick and the occasional component that fails. Thankfully, he said, there were few custom-built components in the machine so getting spares is easy. Harder-to-obtain parts are cannibalised from broken or faulty machines the museum has in its stores.

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Comment: Re:Renewable versus fossil - where is nuclear? (Score 2) 257 257

People with billions of dollars to invest who look elsewhere because they don't see the (commercial) value in those technologies?

Any fix will have to be commercially viable. Yeah, NIMBYs, but do you really think that those guys are really what is keeping the nuclear industry down? Like they stopped all those coal plants and oil wells and fracking... oh, wait.

Comment: Re:Renewable versus fossil - where is nuclear? (Score 4, Insightful) 257 257

$2bn will do bugger all for nuclear. Rich as Gates is, he doesn't have enough money to invest in nuclear to make any real difference. Besides, nuclear's problems are not really to do with a lack of money, at least not in the way that donating £2bn would help.

On the other hand, $2bn in renewables will have a measurable effect. There is a lot of R&D, a lot of good projects that are pushing the technology forwards that he can put money into, all around the world. In many places they couldn't build nuclear even if they wanted it.

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