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Comment: Re:Judo (Score 1) 692

by Ambiguous Coward (#43475815) Attached to: Steve Forbes: Bitcoin Not Money

Here, let me lay out the "analysis" in question for you:

1) The economy is like martial arts! Right? Right? Guys?
2) Let's assume Forbes invested a bunch of money in bitcoins.
3) Forbes is trying to use reverse psychology to get you to invest in bitcoins!
4) Therefore, Forbes thinks bitcoins are moneymoneymoney!

How is that not for or against bitcoin? The conspiracy theory laid out in the OP is the sort of self-dellusional thing hardcore bit coiners come up with all the time. "It's not a bubble!" *pop* "Okay, but this time, it's really not a bubble!" *pop* "Okay, but next time, it REALLY WON'T BE A BUBBLE!" It's like they're missing whatever part of the brain results in cognitive dissonance.

Comment: Re:*POP* (Score 1) 312

Of course I meant "worth" as in "current cash-out value." The OP was suggesting mining only when the cash-out value is high enough, but that could only even possibly work if they cash out IMMEDIATELY upon getting any amount of coin. Otherwise, they risk holding on to their funbux based on the assumption that they can cash them out at X amount, and then X suddenly drops well below their "we shouldn't have been mining" threshold, which is incidentally calculated in USD because that's what the power company et al. takes, having no interest whatsoever in a highly volatile, deflationary currency.

Bitcoin is, quite literally, a ponzi scheme. The only way to win is not to play.

Comment: Re:Very VERY stupid idea... (Score 1) 233

by Ambiguous Coward (#43037123) Attached to: Dennis Tito's 2018 Mars Mission To Be Manned

No, you flat out dismissed it simply because it hasn't happened yet. If people flat out dismissed interesting new developments--as you did, in your own words--just because they were in the very earliest stages, then the Apollo missions never would have happened because they were as insignificant as an extra speck of dust on your desk.

Getting things like this done requires people getting excited about it before it happens.

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