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Comment Re:Content Creation isn't there (Score 2) 302 302

I create 3D content with my Perl program. I am a consumer who tried the 3D printer service at the UPS Store in February, 2014. The documentation for the consumer to read does not exist. They could not print my Venus Globe as a turn-key job, so communications stopped from their end (New York City). Here are pictures of my consumer application simulation: Conclusion: for the 3D printer retailer to get consumers to spend money, they need to tell us several facts. Facts: use one file for the 3D product. The retailer uses a certain CAD software that is disclosed to the consumer so she can duplicate a problem. The retailer runs a sanity check on the product and gives the results to the consumer, like this:

Submission + - State of the TV

AmbiLobe writes: Television is in a technically degraded state. In the USA, the distortion of digital video is so bad that slender women look fat. Imagine the confusion those models feel when they see their pretty figures stretched out to a 21:9 aspect ratio. Next, imagine a viewing public that cares about TV too little to tell Dunking Donuts that the distortion in thousands of stores can be corrected at the push of a button. But the distortion is not corrected at a billion restaurants, sports bars, and homes. The TV distortion is consumed and tolerated. The people adapt to the stretched video.

Nerd Notice
When High Definition TV was designed by nerds, doctors, and engineers, they were unable to set the aspect ratios on the TV sets automatically. So the standards committees left the aspect ratio adjustments up to people without Ph. D.s and without Masters’ Degrees in Electrical Engineering. The TV logic was too complicated for the experts to define the aspect rations, so the common person was given the hard work. Waitpersons at restaurants are given the task of doing to an HDTV what a thousand engineers could not do: make an accurate TV display.

Conclusion: April 2014
HDTV looks much worse than standard definition televisions. Corporations have failed to provide any High Definition televisions to be viewed in coffee shops with correct aspect ratios. The HDTV standards committee members sell restaurants Distorted Definition and insist that the common folk clean up their mess.

Comment Re:Producing them is one thing (Score 5, Insightful) 88 88

The expansion of carbon does not match the expansion of insulators when the temperature changes. Silicon matches the thermal size changes of silicon dioxide. If Samsung has matched the coefficients of expansion, it is big news. But that was not announced.

Comment Re:3D printing (Score 1) 251 251

I used 3D printers and I wrote the Perl program to make .stl files for globes of Mars and Earth : The Perl program makes triangles for 3D printers for Venus, and the Moon too : 3D Systems was the printer manufacturer. I have no CAD software to design, only Solidview to inspect the globes made with my Perl program. Perl is used to take a geographical database and create a 3d Printer file in .stl format for Stereolithography

Comment Re:Worst Case Scenario (Score 1) 436 436

Yes, this is it : the 777 is computerized, networked, and it is hackable (I speculate). The co-pilot delivered the 777 to the Taklamakan Desert . It was re-programmed to get another ID code for an aircraft. It is expected to be re-fueled and in the air tomorrow. Wales for the Welsh !

Comment Variable Instruction Set (Score 0) 62 62

This is a job for an invention using custom microprocessor instruction sets that are keyed. For a start, see my patents : http://popularcryptography.blo... This is a digital bunker, safer than using RISC or CISC. KISC will allow ownership as a Keyed Instruction Set Computer.

Comment Re:8 frames of clear skies (Score 1) 50 50

I predict that Saturn has clear skies under the clouds. The .gif image of 8 frames gives some support for my expectation. The rocky core is seen in the .gif and that core has clear gas all the way to the polar hole in the cloud tops. Venus has clear skies under thick clouds. Mars has clear skies under clouds. Earth has clear air under clouds. Saturn is expected also to conform to that, so I predict the cloud tops of Saturn are over a thick layer of transparent atmosphere over a rocky core that is seen in the .gif movies center.

Comment Dust Lanes (Score 1) 199 199

The Dust Lanes of our galaxy are easily visible to the naked eye. But I speculate that the dust particles have sizes up to planet sized particles. In my book, "Dust Lanes", the Earth is hit by walls of rock from a dust lane with a relative speed of 5000 miles per second.

Comment Re:The real reason: X-Rays (Score 1) 580 580

When explorers report on the X-Rays on Mars, one quantifiable risk will drive people away from investing. I have seen no report on the X-Rays that bounce up from the soil after a cosmic ray hits red dirt. It is estimated in my book: Mars Tour for New Owners. No instruments are being sent to Mars to measure that withering hazard.

Comment Re:Failure to even Attempt to process the article. (Score 1) 926 926

For people, there are three electrical switches to turn off permanently to lose weight: the TV switch, the car switch, the refrigerator switch. After those switches disconnect electrical energy, people adapt to the situation and lose weight. For animals, release them from cages permanently to let them get exercise and escape the urban glut.

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