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Comment Re:SJWs (Score 1) 576

Do you really think a highly educated indian male with a masters degree already and applying to a German university for a PhD and probably to stay if accepted is a likely person that supports all the rape that happens in india? So far my experience in Germany is that the Indian students I have met say that the rape culture is evil and they need to find a way to fix it but they have no idea how to do it.

An Indian with a German PhD would end up being a highly productive member of society for any of the EU countries and countries like Germany actively make it easy for people with advanced degrees to get in and find jobs.

In the end the view is definitely racism and unwarranted.

However if would NOT recommend that any woman actually go to India since you would not exactly be around the best at brightest that way.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 576

This is exactly the kind of operation I like seeing. People treated like people with safety standards, rights etc. They come and do the job and stay within the bounds of their visa.

I think we would all be better off if everyone that came into this country (at least to the extent feasible) came in on an actual visa and passed a basic background check. If you have things as big as people making it across your border without knowing then lots of other stuff makes it across also and that is a large security hole that should be dealt with.

Comment Re:Your double standards are showing (Score 1) 576

H1-B makes it very hard for people to leave a job and go to another one. That is a lot of what keeps wages down since companies can bring in workers and treat them very badly and unless that person can find another company willing to do quite a lot of paperwork very quickly and take over their visa they will get thrown out. As a result they put up with a lot of abuse.

I want people to have a regular work visa where they are free to work at any company and move around as the market changes.

I do want to figure out some way to close the loopholes that companies abuse and require they hire american's first. However there are many engineering and scientific fields that are not related to computer science that really do have shortages and it is very hard to bring anyone in since normally all the H1-B vanish in a few hours since computer companies take them all for nearly slave labor.

We are probably the only first world country that makes it hard for highly skilled people to come in. If you have an actual engineering degree (chemical, mechanical, aerospace etc) that is basically free admittance to canada or any EU country.

I even know of PhD researchers where they are one of only two people in the world doing research into an area of biotech that US companies care about a LOT and neither of them live in the USA. If we could make it easier to get in for people like that it would help us a great deal.

Comment Re:I raise you, Mr. Freedom and Small Government (Score 1) 576

Social security is not a Ponzi scheme and they planned for this LONG ago. People contributed a lot more than necessary to build up a fund to make sure social security stayed solvent and based on their predictions it worked.

The problem social security has is other parts of the government took the money and replaced it with IOUs.

Social security is not broke, it was robbed and it now broke as a result. I hope the cost of those wars we got with the money was worth it.

Comment Re:SJWs (Score 4, Interesting) 576

Racism DID NOT end in Germany. They just stopped talking about it publicaly. Sure the law says that a business can't discriminate based on your race but they actually do. One of the students in my class went back home to India after being accepted in a masters program here in Germany since he found several landlords that told him they did not rent to people from India.

Europe is too much of a monoculture to see much outward racism but it still exists and it is pretty vile since it is not talked about. Laws against racism seem to be almost never actually enforced at least in Germany. It was just recently a German professor told an Indian male student that she did not accept male students from India because of their rape culture and her university DEFENDED her. She is facing no sanctions of any kind and other professors in Germany have stood up and said they do the same thing. That is truly evil.

The USA is having a hard time trying to deal with racism but it actually trying to deal with it and the road is going to be bumpy and violent but I think it will work out in the end and meanwhile Europe will just quietly keep it and hide it.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 4, Interesting) 576

What I would like to see is neither option.

I want Visas available for all the jobs we need doing. Right now we can't get american's to pick food and until we have robots doing it we need people to do it. We should have a visa just for this purpose and have people get it legally. They should come here legally, work here legally and NOT be exploited by farmers, factories etc.

On the other end we need to make it vastly simpler to bring in very highly skilled people from other countries. I am not talking about the H1-B crap that is abused and just for getting cheap programmers pretty much. I am talking about people with masters or PhDs from highly respected universities in biotech, nanotech, material science etc. People that we honestly don't have enough of and bringing the best over won't actually have any impact on americans being employed.

There are some fields where that are only a few thousand qualified people on earth to do certain high tech jobs and we could employ ALL of them with barely a dent in the demand.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 2) 268

Anything where safety or lives matter does not operate this way.

Right now I am back in school again working towards a PhD but I have worked with a biotech company and I have NEVER seen behavior even approaching this. If engineers where treated this way they would make mistakes and for many drugs you would not know about it until people started dieing. Then the FDA would investigate and find out why mistakes where made and the company would be SCREWED.

I can't imagine people doing this kind of working environment for drug development, building design, airplanes, materials etc.

Basically Amazon can only do this because what they do truly doesn't matter on a life critical kind of scale and they can afford to burn people out because there are so many to replace them. In many engineering fields unemployment is 1%. You can't burn through people because there is nobody to replace them with.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me (Score 3, Insightful) 157

I think the point was that the real world equivalent of the digital search would not be allowed. It would be considered a vast overstepping of bounds to search 381 houses and do it in such a way that the people that live there did not know that the police broke in and searched it.

I am not saying that real world warrants should be held to the same absurd standards as digital ones. I am saying it should be the other way around.

Digital warrants should be held to the same standard as real world ones. You should need all the same legal standards for each person you want to do a search on and each place you want to search. If searching hundreds of homes is not viable in the real world you should not be giving warrants for that in the digital world just because it is easier.

Terrorism is so rare that it should be handled as an exceptional event within the law and require a justification every time. The information should also be made public after a set period of time to prevent abuse. However, right now the police seem to see a lot of people as terrorists for things that don't involve terrorism at all.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me (Score 5, Insightful) 157

That is the fundamental problem.

The only party served the warrant is judged to have no standing to contest it and the party that the warrant is about is never informed about the warrant.

It should be completely unconstitutional but in the end the world runs by might makes right and the constitution is just a piece of paper they pay lip service to.

Judges will not support the average person over their government and corporate interests.

Secret search warrants should not be allowed but I don't see any actual way to stop them. After the Citizen's United ruling any candidate that tries to run on the basis of trying to clean this kind of stuff up is going to get stomped by the other side since the other side will have nearly unlimited funds.

In the end money decides politics and politics are explicitly for sale to the highest bidder now. The supreme court even declared it is not bribery and we all know that it is. The system is corrupt from top to bottom and baked in. European countries are not any better with that either.

Comment Re:What happened to Common Sense? (Score 3, Interesting) 363

Sometimes you look both ways and it is clear and while crossing the street someone still zooms through on a left turn and nearly hits you.

I have nearly been hit a few times while crossing the street by careless drivers that drove through an intersection FAR too fast. This is all while paying attention to my surroundings.

For a child they are smaller and even more likely to get hit.

I can't wait for the day when humans are no longer permitted to drive.

Comment Re: Wow gorgeous (Score 1) 302

The Top500 is not relevant to desktop or laptop performance.

I love using linux for all my HPC stuff but on a desktop or worse a laptop it can be a major pain in the ass. Linux is really tuned for a server and not as a desktop. Even with an SSD and all fully supported hardware on a laptop linux just doesn't run as well. It can use things like optimus to switch between integrated gpu and dedicated gpu but it is clunky and buggy compared to windows. The interface does not run as smoothly and the fonts don't render as well.

Only part of the problem is that consumer hardware is designed for windows, the other part of the problem is that linux still does not take the desktop seriously after all of these years. The entire experience is still pretty glitchy and I have used linux as a desktop for over 15 years now. Windows has improved enormously and it is harder and harder justifying using linux as an end user machine.

Comment Re:Unacceptable... (Score 1) 333

This could also end up backfiring spectacularly.

Self driving cars are getting much better very quickly. A few too many of these protests is going to be remembered when it is time to deploy self driving cars.

The worst one is all the train strikes in Germany and other places in europe. Their jobs can be completely automated right now. The technology to do it has existed for more than a decade. If they keep striking the way they have been people are going to get fed up and instead of giving in they will replace the entire lot of them with self driving trains.

If you are enough of a nuisance the public will react to make the problem go away. It just may not react in the best interest of those causing the nuisance.

Comment Re:I would suggest the stl (Score 1) 345

With the type of work I have been doing additional storage is not a problem however resizing is expensive. I create all my vectors at their required size in advance in almost all cases. I think I only have a few cases where I have to dynamically expand a vector since there was no way to know the size ahead of time.

I agree though that you could screw up pretty badly if you just create it at size 0 and then keep building it up to millions of elements. That would be horribly slow compared to the rest of the code.

The great thing is that vectors are guaranteed to be contiguous in memory and that means you can hand them to BLAS routines.

Comment Re: I would suggest the stl (Score 1) 345

CUDA and opencl are great for certain types of problems. If you don't have a problem that works well on GPUs then they are pretty horrible.

For the kinds of HPC work I have been doing I get a nearly linear speedup up to 128 cpus with appropriate use of openmp.

OpenMP is a standard and supported by all modern compilers. It works extremely well and gets rid of all the boilerplate code you would normally need with threads and gives extremely good scaling on high performance systems.

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