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Comment: Re:As a programmer (Score 1) 735

by Amanitin (#34458084) Attached to: 'I Just Need a Programmer'

but we arn't as important as the guy's who tell us what to make, or the guy's who get people to pay for it..

I guess anybody can grasp the difference between toilet paper and a rocket booster motor in terms of development effort, marketing approach and target audience.
I am somewhere inbetween. We supply specialized tools for preclinical drug development.
In the last two years there was a 80% turnover in the sales and marketing workforce. Without any apparent detrimental effect on business.
Of course there are many parameters to this, but I certainly would not deduce that marketing and sales people are system critical in our situation.
On the other hand I could remove three people from the company (60ish employees) and make sure the whole thing hits the ground within fucking months. And those are the people that thoroughly understand what we are doing, as opposed to sitting around in airport lounges or answering email inquiries for a living.

Comment: not very realistic (Score 3, Interesting) 277

by Amanitin (#32521064) Attached to: Univ. of California Faculty May Boycott <em>Nature</em> Publisher

I am in a mid size biotech company.
In our field there are around 15-20 must-have titles. I was in charge of getting quotes for those titles, from 3 publishers.
The bottomline was upwards of 45000 $. Per annum. Electronic access only.
We declined.
We ask authors directly to send us a copy.

Comment: Re:Cross-licensing only works with the willing (Score 1) 222

by Amanitin (#32205126) Attached to: What the Mobile Patent Fight Is All About

I don't think a court can order anybody to give away its property for a set price. If Nokia do not want to give Apple the same deal with cell technology as to anybody else, so what? It's their fucking property.
When I am selling my car and am willing to take a lower offer from a friend then from a stranger will I be dragged to court?

"No job too big; no fee too big!" -- Dr. Peter Venkman, "Ghost-busters"