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Comment Re:Explain the Early Shutdown (Score 1) 6

I've said before that regardless of my reason for pulling the plug, a timeliness which wasn't particularly my choice, nothing of value was lost. isoHunt largely indexes other sites' torrents and comments/metadata are everywhere. There's if you care about looking up what was on isoHunt, and Google for finding torrents.

From another commenter:

Also, nice sig ;)

Submission Political fashion for Internet freedoms-> 6

AmVidia HQ writes: Now, before you yell Slashvertisement. I'm Gary, founder, and I'm not pretending this post is anything unbiased. You may have heard of its shutdown. I'm trying to continue the isoHunt legacy with a line of clothing kickstarted with my friend Cliff, blending political satire with stylish designs, that I hope to work as a form of silent protest on issues of Internet freedom and privacy. The majority of profits we raise will be donated to media democracy orgs, as stated on our Kickstarter. We also have more long term ambitions in creating a platform for politically minded artists to design clothing with *any* statement, localized to any country's politics. Designs that are crowdsourced and potentially open sourced as PSD source files.

You can call this soliciting feedback or support from the /. community which I've long lerked, so your comments are most welcomed. Particularly in how to mobilize the politically minded; we aren't kickstarting a fashion brand as much as the political messages it can carry, fashion is just the vehicle and platform we chose.

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Comment Problem is poor judgement, although data retention (Score 1) 778

This is IH from I've went through this same process with our lawsuit brought by the MPAA so I thought I'll share some of my thoughts on the issue.

As unreasonable as I think these lawsuits by Viacom/MPAA may be, in order for the legal process to work, plaintiffs are entitled to evidence in order to prove their case. However, user privacy should be a large concern in disclosing of data (logs) as evidence, and in neither Youtube's or our case, there's no reason for turning over data that would expose your personal identify (such as your IP address). From glancing the order against Youtube, the reason they were ordered to turn over user histories is to prove user infringements, and inclusion of IP's in such logs is to uniquely identify users who may have signed up multiple usernames/accounts. I call bullshit on that. If someone uses multiple usernames, he can as easily login with multiple IP addresses, disclosing IP's would not help the plaintiffs in proving copyright infringements. I expect Google/Youtube to appeal the order (at least I sure hope so).

As for us, we successfully argued in our MPAA case that we don't need to turn over your IP addresses as it is a violation of user privacy with no evidentiary value, and only turned over .torrent access logs in anonymized form. You may not like to hear that .torrent logs are being turned over, but the truth is we were ordered to do so and that the MPAA does need anonymous logs to prove their frivolous lawsuit.

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Submission Unreal Tournament 3 Performance Revealed->

Vigile writes: "The Unreal Tournament 3 demo might just be dropping today, but with a launch on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and even an in-box Linux client it will definitely be one of the best titles out for the holiday. With an early take on the UT3 demo's performance, PC Perspective has posted an article that compares cards from NVIDIA and AMD in both single and dual-GPU configurations to see which are the best performers. It turns out that even mid-range cards are going to be more than capable of playing UT3 at impressive image quality levels."
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Submission Should GWB be impeached?

Cigarra writes: "The New York Times published yesterday an Op-Ed explaining how the president George W. Bush broke the law by "monitoring the phone calls and e-mail messages of Americans for more than four years without first obtaining warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, as required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."
Can we expect the F.B.I. to open an investigation and name a special prosecutor, and the Congress to start talking of impeachment now that it is no longer Republican controlled?"

Submission New Multi-Touch Interface Rivals Apple's iPhone

EMIce writes: "The excitement over last week's Apple iPhone debut was tempered a bit for me by Steve Jobs' proclamation that Apple had "filed for over 200 patents for all the inventions in iPhone and we intend to protect them". But an NYU Researcher has recently demonstrated a similar interface at TED, the annual Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference. He states that multi-touch has been around since the 80's and that research in it is booming right now. There is an article at FastCompany and a video on youtube. The demo is breathtaking. So did Apple invent the impressive multi-finger zooming and scrolling that Mr. Jobs so bluntly demonstrated?"

China and Russia to Launch Joint Mars Mission 182

The Interfacer writes "China and Russia are planning a joint mission to Mars that will bring back samples to earth and land on one of the red planet's tiny moons, state media quoted a Chinese scientist as saying Wednesday." From the article: "Russia will launch the spacecraft, while China will provide the survey equipment to carry out the unmanned exploration, Ye Peijian, a senior scientist at the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, told a meeting in Beijing, according to the official Xinhua news agency."

Too Much Focus on the Beginning of Software Lifecycle? 295

rfreedman asks: "Most of the buzz on the web about software development tools, languages, and practices seems to concentrate on getting software developed as quickly as possible. Take, for example, the current huge hype about Ruby on Rails, and how it allows the creation of a CRUD web-database application x-times more quickly than every other environment. It seems to me that this concentration on initial construction of software ignores the issue of total cost of ownership. Most people who develop software also have to maintain it, and have to support changes to it over long periods of time. As has been discussed many times over the years, maintenance is the most expensive part of the software development life-cycle. I think that the software development community would be better served by discussions of how to build more robust, flexible, and maintainable software (thereby driving down TCO), than by the endless discussions that we currently see about how to build it quickly. What do you think?"

A Magnetic Memory Alternative to Hard Disk 258

Dr Occult writes "Finally, a magnetic memory chip has been manufactured in volume and released by the U.S. company Freescale. Christened MRAM (magnetoresistive random-access memory),this chip will hold information even after power has been switched off. From the BBC news article: 'Unlike flash memory, which also can keep data without power, Mram has faster read and write speeds and does not degrade over time,' and 'MRAM chips could one day be used in PCs to store an operating system, allowing computers to start up faster when switched on.'"

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