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Comment: Re:OIT sucks (Score 1) 309

by AmPz (#35950354) Attached to: Bug Forces Android Devices Off Princeton Campus Network
Parent should be moded down, not up. Obviously rantings from a affected and disapointed user. Princeton are well within their rights to ban devices which case network disruptions to other (innocent) users. If malfunctioning devices were not disconnected from the internet when detected, internet would probably not be working at all today. Princeton have performed their task exemplary of maintaining network reliability for users with well behaved devices, combined with excellent bug reports to google. Bug reports which google however has chosen to ignore. The responsibility for any problems this causes for you is entirely Google's. They are the ones you should blame. I have a HTC Desire, and I have been having the same issue in my home network since I bought the phone. My internet provider has a 4 hour DHCP lease, and refuses internet access to devices with expired DHCP IP leases. I am not blaming my ISP. They are not doing anything wrong. Google however are to blame, since they have been ignoring this very serious bug report for a long time.

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