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Comment Re:Dear FSF (Score 1) 1634 1634

so hey, i hope you come back and check this thread, because I think I can help you.

I was in the same boat a few months ago. I have been using clie's (and a couple of actual palms) as my primary ebook readers since the late 90s, and would probably have gone on doing so forever if the things were still made.

however when my third SJ33 died a couple of years ago, I decided to see if I could jump to something more modern but still possessing the features I need (can upload my own books, backlit screen, fairly high resolution, and preferably an auto-scrolling ebook app.... ooooohhh, deepreader, how i miss you).

so anyway, I "borrowed" my girlfriend's ipod touch and started dicking around with it. I concluded that the screen was good enough pretty quickly, and the battery life seemed to be at least on par with my clie's, so that was fine. what took me forever to find though was a good ebook app. but rather than detailing my months-long search and all the candidates that i tried and rejected, i'll just cut to the punchline:

get eReader. its seems to be based on the same code as the palm app, which was my second favorite ebook reader after deepreader. and it has the two absolute most important features: auto-scrolling, and the ability to add your own books.

seriously. get it. it's free, and you can import your own books. there is one caveat of course: the books have to be in .pdb format, at least as far as i've been able to tell. if you are like me and have been using pdb files on a palm for years, that aint a problem. likewise, if your books are in txt, doc, html, or any other standard text-style format, its easy as hell to convert them to pdb files. google around a bit and you'll find multiple ways to convert, but i still use the same command line tool i've been using for years: makedoc

anyway, i was watching the ipad coverage waiting for the same sort of news. specifically, i wanted to see if the ibooks app would have autoscrolling or at least the ability to add your own books. i didn't see anything about that, but i can at least deduce that the ereader app from my ipod touch should work on an ipad. now granted, it may not look that great upscaled, but i'm hoping that they release a new version that can handle the ipad resolution natively. if so, i'm totally buying that sucker.

so yea, just wanted to drop a line and help out a fellow (non-kindle) ebook reader. good luck, and i hope this works for you!

Comment bed trays? (Score 1) 276 276

So hey, oddly enough i've been looking for almost exactly this sort of device. my situation is slightly different, but my needs are mostly similar. specifically, my PC gaming setup (and PC working setup... only one PC) is now in my living room: my monitor is my 50 inch hdtv, and my keyboard and mouse are set up across the room, about 10 feet away. for gaming, it is beautiful, blah blah blah, meaningless materialistic drivel. the point is, i've been attempting to use a mouse and keyboard from a frigging couch. needless to say, this is a concept rife with issues.

without any alterations, my mouse hand would have fallen off after the first hour or so. i did stumble upon a solution which sorta works.... i put my wireless keyboard on my lap, and put a pillow under my right elbow, and then the mouse on the couch surface. the pillow provides enough support that i can work/game like this for hours, as long as i take frequent breaks.

anyway, the relevant stuff: this set up is tolerable, but it's crappy enough that i've been shopping for a new solution almost non-stop for months. i haven't really found anything, in all honesty. i found that lapinator thing and a few similar devices, but for my mouse-hand needs, they just wouldn't cut it. i need something that can offer wrist/arm support for the right hand, otherwise i'm screwed. that being said, i DID find some things that might help the poster. specifically, BED TRAYS.

bed trays are... well i dunno, i'd never heard of them before amazon decided that they were PRECISELY what i was looking for. as usual amazon was wrong, but at least i now know what they are. just head on over to amazon or wherever the hell you want and search for bed trays. they're like little TV dinner-type racks, except designed to be propped up on the surface of a bed, couch, chair, futon, whatever, straddling your legs as you sit. pretty neat, i thought. and some of them are damn cheap.

like i said, they didn't help me, so i'm STILL looking for a solution (suggestions warmly welcomed!) but they may just help a chair-bound laptop user.

Netflix May Already Be Killing Blockbuster? 302 302

Mattintosh writes "A blogger at C|Net takes a moment to consider the impact Netflix has had on Blockbuster. Some notable highlights include heavy losses ($35 million), job cuts ($45 million worth), and store closings: 'Much like the print media and retail stores refusing to change, Blockbuster has been a victim on an online company finding new and inventive ways of bringing a product to a customer. And due to its size and outdated corporate culture, there really is no salvation for Blockbuster at this point. Try as it might, the future of Blockbuster is bleak, at best. Sure, the company still enjoys revenue that climb into the billions of dollars, but with an ever-increasing net loss and a public refusal to focus on Total Access--the area where Netflix continues to dominate--what is the impetus for us to jump on the Blockbuster bandwagon?'"
The Almighty Buck

Will the Pope Declare Google Evil? 622 622

theodp writes "In the next few days, Pope Benedict XVI plans to issue his second encyclical, in which he is expected to denounce the use of tax havens as socially unjust and immoral in that they cheat the greater well-being of society. He is also expected to argue that the globalized economic world needs to be regulated. Prime technology companies playing the offshore 'profit laundering' game include Dell, Google, Microsoft, and Sun, who set up subsidiaries in Ireland, where the corporate tax rate is a low 12.5% and no taxes are charged on royalties (e.g. from patents)."

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