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Comment: Re:Ummmm (Score 1) 228

by Altheron (#39004829) Attached to: What Does a Software Tester's Job Constitute?

Taking builk testing responsibilities off developers so they can work on more important stuff.

More.. important.. stuff, than making sure their code works?

I mean, I guess "a developer" is someone who "writes code" regardless if it works well, or at all? By that reasoning, "a thousands monkeys on a thousand keyboards" is the gold standard for programming excellence?

Comment: So... like a credit card company, you can opt out. (Score 1) 1

by Altheron (#38815531) Attached to: Google Significantly Changes Privacy Policies/Term

and then, have to discontinue services.

So, lets talk alternatives, just as a Devil's Advocate sort of thing...

Tried Microsoft Office 365, but their Lync integration/federation was utter crap.

Is there anything out there that even comes close to Google in user friendliness for email, federated chat, and document collaboration?

Comment: Why? What do they get out of it? (Score 2) 439

by Altheron (#38633454) Attached to: SOPA Makes Strange Bedfellows

I can understand the motivation for a content producer to "protect" their "property"... (This is their logic, not mine.)

I'm just having a hard time figuring out what a cosmetics company, or a shoe company, give two shits about this.

Is it really just to force negative press / reviews offline? Does SOPA even give that power?

If not that, then... why throw money at it?

(Nike and Ford both make software.. so.. MAYBE.... BUT.. Estee Lauder? I'm pretty sure they don't...)

Comment: Re:In other news..... (Score 1) 258

by Altheron (#38020342) Attached to: Kindle Fire Will Be Hotter Than iPad This Holiday

About as well as you would expect. I'd imagine the percentage of people that CONSIDERED the Zune, at some point, for more than 2 seconds was probably closer to 80%. Even the act of consciously deciding not to do something is an act of consideration, so lower the temporal threshold and you approach 100% of respondents.

Frame the universe in your question, and you get only your universe in the answer.

Comment: Re:Interesting.. and frustrating? (Score 1) 130

by Altheron (#36420842) Attached to: How One Man Helps Keep Game Controllers Accessible

I found this guy on youtube, rather amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNjWecipbTA He plays COD WAW, and is pretty good at the zombie levels. He cannot move and aim at the same time, but he manages to get pretty far.

I sit on my ass in utter awe. And here I was getting annoyed at the driving scenes in L.A. Noire. .... wow.

Comment: Interesting.. and frustrating? (Score 3, Interesting) 130

by Altheron (#36414764) Attached to: How One Man Helps Keep Game Controllers Accessible

As a gamer who has a mild neurological condition that limits fine motor control in one of my hands... and have become increasingly annoyed at the complexity of controllers and control schemes (the shoulder buttons on a dualshock controller are particularly hard to reliably control)...

I both salute this man, and I wonder what kinds of games one can actually play with such a controller... the amount of reflexes and reaction time required to play most (90%?) of the games, seems like it would be beyond what you could convey through one of these devices in a useful amount of time..

Comment: Re:It can also go the other way (Score 1) 725

by Altheron (#34596930) Attached to: Retailers Dread Phone-Wielding Shoppers

In the end I bought $100 worth of plants. If I didn't have my smart phone, then I wouldn't have bought anything.

No, no no no no. You, sir, are doing it "wrong". You walk into the store, look around a bit.. "I like this and this and this, but I have a cat", you say to the well informed sales person. They helpfully tell you that the second one will kill your cat with a single glance. You purchase a number of items, with the assistance of the helpfully trained staff.

It is not our responsibility to do the salesman's job for them. Likewise, I refuse to use those damned "self check out" things.

"You know, we've won awards for this crap." -- David Letterman