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Comment: Re:I Pay (Score 2) 328

Sign up for a linux-based VPS. (I use digitalocean. There's lots of options.)

If you're using OSX or Linux, open terminal and
ssh -N -D 8080 your.vps.ip.or.domain -f
(N is for "no command", -D specifies port, 8080 is your port, hostname, and -f keeps it running in background)

Then in your browser or system, open your proxy configuration and type localhost as the server/host and 8080 as the port. Or whatever number you like. 8080 is just ingrained in my mind.

If you're using PuTTY and Windows, it'll make you type more. Check . Use 8080 or whatever when they say "X". Use same number for local and remote port, so that you don't have to remember which is which.

Comment: Re:I Pay (Score 5, Informative) 328

Have a local ISP who pipe through Time Warner. Around the end of December, Netflix connections went to crap. Complained and ISP threw Netflix under the bus, saying they've over-saturated their bandwidth. Tried a SOCKS proxy via VPS and magic, works fine. Told ISP and they seemed genuinely amazed.

Comcast is still the devil- but VPS is a very viable workaround.

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by Alternate Interior (#46327867) Attached to: Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

Exactly. Boosting your productivity is great. But hiding what "it" is doing is not. I started developing with QBasic and soon after Visual Basic, and it took years to understand how you'd develop without a GUI builder. The IDE hid too much complexity, set me up with bad assumptions, and it took a long time to learn what it was doing underneath. Knowing now, I'd have a much better grasp of how to organize code sooner, and I'd be a better developer for it.

TL;DR = Use them for the productivity boost, not to avoid learning or thinking.

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by Alternate Interior (#46179433) Attached to: Target's Data Breach Started With an HVAC Account

You've a lower UID than me and I'm sitting at 13y. I've provided feedback, months ago when this was alpha and again yesterday when they made this announcement.

Beta is def better than alpha was. Commenting is infinitely better on Beta than Alpha. But it's STILL incredibly backward compared to Classic. Slashdot is literally the only site (besides dedicated forums) where comments are worth doing. I suspect what's happening is Alpha was shit, developers feel like they've addressed the problems in Beta but people are still complaining and so developers and/or management have gone standoff-ish. I can only suspect no one at Dice REALLY interacts with commenting. Reading comments isn't the same thing.

(Of course I still miss the old table-based /. of yore. It was the best. If you want a change, bring back classic /. Classic.)

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by Alternate Interior (#45531653) Attached to: Jury Finds Newegg Infringed Patent, Owes $2.3 Million

Haven't ordered from Newegg for four reasons. My last order also ended with a chargeback. I had ordered RAM, and worked in a 9-story building with many other companies. RAM was marked delivered but it didn't come to me. I checked with numerous other people, trying to track down if it'd been wrongly delivered to someone else and no one confessed to seeing it. (And it was a semi common problem; people tended to be honest.) So I turned to customer support and they said I'd waited too long, and there was nothing they could do. It'd been about three days. Explained the trying to check from my end and it changed nothing. A couple days longer and I filed a charge back. A couple days later it appeared- whether a delivery error or they mailed another, I do not know, but I cancelled the chargeback and haven't ordered from them again since.

+ - Linux 3.13 Kernel To Bring Major Features->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "There's many improvements due in the Linux 3.13 kernel that just entered development. On the matter of new hardware support there's open-source driver support for Intel Broadwell and AMD Radeon R9 290 "Hawaii" graphics, NFTables will eventually replace IPTables, the multi-queue block layer is supposed to make disk access much faster on Linux, HDMI audio has improved, Stereo/3D HDMI support is found for Intel hardware, file-system improvements, and support for limiting the power consumption of individual PC components."
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I'm firmly in camp ebook. Let's disclose that up front.

Book stores should charge cover. The experience of browsing in a book store is much better than browsing Amazon's web site. The tablet kindle store is better but it still doesn't compare to browsing on a shelf, reading a page on a whim. So when it's time to find something new to read, I'll go spend an hour in Barnes & Noble and make a list of a dozen books. I'll probably buy a coffee while there, but otherwise B&N is making nothing off me.

That's not fair to them, but that is how their business is structured. I fear bookstores collapsing. I preferred Borders and was disappointed when it went under. Don't want that to happen to B&N. But what answer is there? There are only a handful of reference-type paper books I would buy. Might get a calendar once a year. Couple presents. But Amazon gets most of my book dollars. That's just sad reality.

So, I say, charge me cover. Heck, charge everybody cover. $2 to come in. If you buy a book, offer a $2 discount. The bookstore is suddenly less disadvantaged then previously. If you are a paper book buyer, you're not disadvantaged. If you really are a paper book buyer and are simply browsing, suddenly, you're the party suffering. But you're incidental to this- if bookstores are in trouble, you're going to lose them eventually. So you have the heavy burden of paying a couple dollars, or you can browse at a library instead.

The small bookstores TFA discusses aren't necessarily the same as B&N - but that's the problem. They have even less to offer. Stocking Kindles may not be the answer, but they're getting squeezed by both Amazon and B&N. They need to find a niche compatible with their clients to survive.

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