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Submission + - NetApp and Oracle settle ZFS patent dispute->

Alowishus writes: In a bit of good news for Solaris and ZFS, NetApp and Oracle have agreed to settle a three-year patent lawsuit originally filed by NetApp against Sun over the ZFS filesystem technology. This is surely good news for storage vendors such as Nexenta and Coraid who rely on ZFS as the technology base of their products. It will be interesting to see what Oracle chooses to do next with the technology and how it will be positioned alongside their development work on the Btrfs filesystem.
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Submission + - SysAdmin Print Magazine Shutting Down->

Alowishus writes: "In an unfortunate restructuring of parent company CMP, SysAdmin Magazine has been cancelled. SysAdmin was core monthly reading for many Unix administrators since it premiered in 1992 with its technically detailed peer-submitted articles. It was also home to Randal Schwartz' bi-monthly Perl column."
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