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Comment: Top Secret! (Score 1) 58

by Alotau (#45409223) Attached to: Sunlight Helps Turn Salty Water Fresh

Doctor Flamond: You see, a year ago, I was close to perfecting the first magnetic desalinization process so revolutionary, it was capable of removing the salt from over 500 million gallons of seawater a day. Do you realize what that could mean to the starving nations of the earth?

Nick Rivers: Wow. They'd have enough salt to last forever.


+ - 1940 Census Data Swamps Servers->

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CowboyRobot writes: ""A trove of census data from 1940 released Monday includes the individual records of millions of U.S. citizens. Privacy watchdogs have warned that public release of the records could lead to identify theft or other misuse.... Shortly after it went live, Archives officials Tweeted that they had received about 22.5 million hits from 1.9 users and they were working with host Amazon Web Services to bring up additional servers""
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Comment: Re:Then let's test these next (Score 5, Funny) 284

by Alotau (#39143493) Attached to: Submitting "Nuking the Fridge" To Scientific Peer Review

I'd like to see them test the ripping out a man's heart one, though I'm not sure PETA will appreciate them testing on live animals.

Simple, use politicians and lawyers. I think to be certain we need to try it on at least 10 thousand.

Your subjects are flawed... one needs a heart in the first place to have it ripped out.

Comment: Amazing use of factors (Score 4, Funny) 108

by Alotau (#35835744) Attached to: Cheaper, More Powerful Alternative To FPGAs
For those of you who missed TFA, here is a juicy tidbit:

Teig estimates that the footprint of a Tabula chip is less than a third of an equivalent FPGA, making it five times cheaper to make, while providing more than double the density of logic and roughly four times the performance.

That is 6X more impressive than any other use of factors in a sentence... ever.

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