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Comment Re:Ya well the ITU is a little silly with this (Score 1) 128

Sure and that`s a fair observation, but they could have gone for 4.5 G or such (in a similar fashion as when 3.5 G was used). That way they would have still remained technically correct as well, while being able to communicate a significant technology jump to customers.

Comment Re:Ya well the ITU is a little silly with this (Score 5, Interesting) 128

It's funny you should say that, since the entire point of LTE is that it is a Long-Term Evolution platform. It isn't that the "standard was set too high" - it's more that the standard was designed to support high speeds so the wheel would not have to be re-invented as technology progressed.

You can either create a new set of supporting standards and technologies every few years, or you can develop a set of standards that scales up as hardware allows better speeds. So it's only if one entirely misunderstands the purpose of LTE, that the standard would appear to be set too high. The gradual progression that Samsung demonstrates in the article is what LTE-Advanced was all about and is still firmly in 4G territory. 5G is just horrible marketing.

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