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User Journal

Allen Zadr's Journal: History 3

Journal by Allen Zadr

Just went through all my old Journal Entries, which I haven't done since moving most of my stuff into

Looking at replacing the laptop I bought way back when...

I started here on April 1, 2004. I moved to Multiply on Feb 17, 2007. Figured After all this time, I might as well check in back here.

What's up?

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  • I was "here" in '97.

    I'm here now.

    A couple of regulars died out - but for a trickle -this last couple of months... (Tom Hudson, SquiggleSlash, damn_registrars).

    We lost JDIII about 4 or 5 ago.

    Smitty's come back.

    George lurks. God bless him.

    Trolling still gets me "insightful" and "interesting" almost as much as "funny" - at least enough that my Excellence is preserved.

    I still am sincere. If an exaggerated and Swiftian version of that sincerity.

    I think that I will close /. - much as I opened it... A lurker o

    • They slowed the site down so much with comment filtration that I just got bored.
      And I have never figured out the shiny new interface.
      Also, got into blogging/twitter in a big way.
    • by johndiii (229824)

      I still read. I hardly ever post. There's some poetry I've been meaning to put up here, but I never seem to get around to it.

      I do like seeing your JEs. And the occasional funny back-and-forth of people who take this all so seriously.

      I read Multiply from time to time, but I have trouble remembering who is who, outside of the core people. Most of my interaction is on these days. Think of it as threaded Twitter - the minimalism appeals to me. Also much busier in real life, but I have started wri

"If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?" -- Lily Tomlin