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Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 34

The server logs and server contents have been released for analysis.

In one breath you chide anyone for daring to hint at even a *smidgen* of wrongdoing, and just as quickly assert that all information has been fully divulged.
Can you understand that, especially in the context of the last couple of administrations, there might be healthy skepticism afoot?

Then why do you keep expending so much energy into this conspiracy if you are so certain that nothing will come of it?

This is going to sound just a bit kinky, but every time you refer to criticism of events (which any reasonable person would find problematic) as a "conspiracy", it's kind of erotic to me, in a silly way. I'm not seeking understanding here, and I really can't elaborate on why it's such a turn-on, but OH, BABY!

Feel free to go find democracies (or non-democracies) in other lands that better fit your belief structure, nobody is stopping you, right?

You must have confused me with a wretched loser like Michael Moore. I still believe the ideals inherent in our founding documents are worth preserving, and our republican system of government worth restoring from the godless Commie sodomite infestation.

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 34

If she publicly admitted to having classified information go through her private email server

I'm sorry; we're talking about a lawyer. Please explain why you think she would admit to, well, anything. I don't think her an honest person, and kinda doubt that the depths of her "official" activities will ever be properly understood. Nor do I think anything resembling "justice" will ever be applied to her case. Nor do I think there will ever be anything pertaining to a legal procedure of any sort applied to her.
We're basically talking about someone who operates completely as a law unto herself.
The open questions are:
Whether the past eight years are enough of a cautionary tale to drive the electorate to resist Her Majesty.
How much difference resistance will make in an era where one is inclined to wonder to what degree elections are just a joke anyway.

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 34

Can we have an adult conversation? Her Majesty will not be held accountable in any common sense. You're in the same realm of speciousness as you are when wetting yourself about impeachment of #OccupyResoluteDesk. Other than the amusement of your shrill, prissy cries for "fair trials"--as though she isn't going to be pardoned should some unforeseen wind of justice blow through DC--the whole Chappaquaiddick Incident is really just so much talking head fodder.

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