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by squiggleslash (#47414135) Attached to: CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64

I find this comment somewhat scary.

If the reason people are pronouncing etc "ett-see" is because they don't know, here's the deal: etc is an abbreviation for "Et cetera", which means "and so on". You're supposed to pronounce it "Et centera" for the same reason that if I wrote "Brocolli w/ carrots" you'd read it and pronounce it as "Brocolli with carrots", not "Brocolli double-ewe carrots."

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And what believes and desires would that be, pray tell?

The death of this child touched many people here in the GTA, and trying to ensure he is not forgotten is nothing but a valiant attempt to ensure it doesn't happen again.

If you cannot relate to this, then search the Internet for your misplaced humanity. Maybe reading up on the case would help.

Comment: Re:Why is this so important? (Score 4, Insightful) 245

Anybody who would have detected the neglect could have become this boy's superhero.

The monument is to remind us here in Ontario that we have to try harder.

Social services, the school records, neighbors ... there are countless ways this tragedy could, and should have been prevented.

Comment: Re:better than what we have now (Score 4, Insightful) 245

"I really don't feel too bad for those who let him starve and now want a monument."

What the F*** are you talking about. The ones who starved him are in jail.

The man sponsoring the monument simply does so because he feels the poor boy deserves to be remembered as a stark reminder that we have to try harder to prevent such abuse.

Anybody could have been this boy's Superman if only the neglect would have been detected earlier.

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by squiggleslash (#47399205) Attached to: Consciousness On-Off Switch Discovered Deep In Brain

No, it doesn't.

Even if we reject religion, and, say, go for a "World is actually The Matrix" hypothesis (which, similarly, has human bodies controlled by observers external to the observed world", the best we can genuinely say about this region of the brain is that activating it disables "whatever controls the brain" (internal or external.) Unless the observers have an seperate memory (and why would they?), everything is consistent with that observation link being severed. The observers (be they souls or Matrix hook-ups) are no longer able to modify the brain's memory, to move the body, or in any other way interact with it. When that part of the brain is allowed to operate again, they can do so.

If we at least assume memory is local, which it has to be, there's no incompatability. If memory is not local, it's still possible there's no incompatability because the lack of communications between observer and avatar will result in no memory data being written.

On the other hand, the good news is that as you haven't proven the non-existence of God, you will be unable to prove that black is white, and thus will not be killed on the next Zebra crossing.

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No, his argument is that driving should be allowed because driving is mandatory in most of the country. It is, with planners deliberately designing development areas to be impractical for foot traffic and uneconomic for public transport. If someone sucks at driving but they can't go to a job or store without driving, then however insane it is, it'd be inhuman to ban them altogether.

If you want this to change, start lobbying your county and State to allow more high density development. That's the real solution.

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I suspect, FWIW, the complete works of Byron are in the public domain and can be downloaded for free anyway...

(That said I'm aware that it doesn't matter. If I had a complete copy of the works of Asimov, signed by the good Doctor himself, I wouldn't want to vandalize it either.)

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by squiggleslash (#47339765) Attached to: Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities

You're right, it's an obvious dog whistle. I'd challenge the GP to come up with a case where any previous Democratic President or Presidential candidate had a Welfare-related term associated with him by a Republican.

I'm not sure what it is but I've seen a real increase in what might be called the resentment movement here, an assumption that white males have it bad because groups that, as groups, have historically faced socially (including legal, financial, etc) hurdles are finally being given a helping hand. If these attempts to bring equality were being seen as overwhelmingly successful, to the point that women were outnumbering men in high paying respected professions, I'd see the point. But Google's doing this precisely because women make up such a tiny proportion of its own workforce - and not because of any apparent discrimination at the hiring or supervision level.

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