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Comment: Re:What's the URL of the example site for the book (Score 2, Interesting) 35

by AlistairGroves (#32324612) Attached to: Drupal 6 Attachment Views
From a bit of digging around I assume it is this site: (coral cache) or Although you can't really see much on there without logging in. I'd be interested to hear views of anyone else that has seen the book, as the only review on Amazon is by the same person as on here.

Comment: Whole Drive Encryption and Deploying Images (Score 1) 625

by AlistairGroves (#26530007) Attached to: Single Drive Wipe Protects Data
The issue with this is it makes deploying disk images across a network a lot more hassle, rather than just being the size of the data it's the size of the whole partition. Does anyone have a solution to this? Trying to maintain a network with windows (mostly XP) and Linux machines, and standardised images make this a lot easier.

+ - Senators want Justice Department to sue P2P pirate->

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blast3r writes " published a story that two senators, a Democrat and a Republican, introduced a bill on Wednesday that would unleash the world's largest law firm on Internet pirates. It would authorize the Justice Department to file civil lawsuits against people engaged in peer-to-peer copyright infringement — with the proceeds going to the company or person who owns the copyright."
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+ - Russian Business Network goes *POOF* ->

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koaschten writes "The Trendmicro blog at reports, the Russian Business Network, see , known for offering Bullet Proof Domains, spreading the Storm Worm and similar activities, has been taken offline. Seems like most known Autonomous Systems were dropped from the Routing Tables (RBN-AS, SBT-AS, MICRONNET-AS, OINVEST-AS, AKIMON-AS, CONNCETCOM-AS and NEVSKCC-AS)."
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+ - Crater From 1908 Tunguska Blast Found

Submitted by MaineCoasts
MaineCoasts (666) writes "A team of scientists from the Marine Science Institute in Bologna claims to have found the crater left by the aerial blast of a NEO in 1908 in the Tunguska region of Siberia. The blast flattened 770 square miles (2,000 square kilometers) of forest but to date, no remains or crater have been found. This has left open the question of what kind of object made the impact. The team believes that, contrary to previous studies, nearby Lake Cheko is only one century old and "If the body was an asteroid, a surviving fragment may be buried beneath the lake. If it was a comet, its chemical signature should be found in the deepest layers of sediments." The team's findings are based on a 1999 expedition to Tunguska and appeared in the August issue of the journal Terra Nova."

+ - Microsoft Project Alternative OpenProj Reviewed->

Submitted by sober
sober (666) writes " has reviewed an open source alternative to Microsoft Project, OpenProj. The author concludes, "If this software is given any amount of time or support to reach full maturity, it would definitely be a solid competitor against Microsoft's Project. The only downside I have seen thus far with regard to its localized installation is that it is Java-based in design. This means instant alienation from those who do not enjoy using what Java provides. Personally, I found that the application runs great, does exactly what it advertises and costs nothing for the localized version."
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