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Submission + - I used an $11,000 Vertu phone for three days with its own concierge service. (

AlistairCharlton writes: How the 1% live. I spent three days using the new Vertu Signature Touch smartphone. It's make of titanium and lizard skin, and has a concierge which can be used to book a private jet, make hotel reservations, or even arrange an entire wedding. It's a phone, Jim, but not as we know it...

Submission + - Tradehill Bitcoin Exchange Suspends Trading As Regulatory Concerns Rumble On (

AlistairCharlton writes: Popular US Bitcoin exchange Tradehill has suspended all trading of the virtual online currency, as financial regulators continue to grapple with the legalities of Bitcoin.

In a message on the site's homepage, Tradehill cites "banking and regulatory issues" for its closure, which it assures users will be temporary.

Submission + - IFA 2013: Samsung Galaxy Gear Rumour Round Up (

AlistairCharlton writes: Samsung will announce a smartwatch called Galaxy Gear during its press conference at the IFA consumer technology show in Berlin on 4 September, but not a single image of the device has yet leaked; here's everything we think we know so far.

Submission + - Inside Tech City: Google Campus (

AlistairCharlton writes: In the second episode of Inside Tech City, Alistair Charlton visits Google Campus, where budding entrepreneurs and startups can rent desks and make use of a canteen, while socialising and sharing ideas with each other to help their young businesses grow.

Submission + - Inside Tech City: Huddle [VIDEO] (

AlistairCharlton writes: In the first episode of Inside Tech City, Alistair Charlton visits Huddle to speak to co-founder and CEO Alastair Mitchell about how east London's startup cluster is different to the last tech bubble, and how the small companies based there have the potential to drive the country's economic recovery.

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