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Comment: Re:More powerful, way more open (Score 4, Interesting) 170

by Alistair Hutton (#40722179) Attached to: Gooseberry Launches Android-based Raspberry Pi Rival
The Gooseberry is basically the main board from the wave of 7 and 8 inch android tablets currently coming out of China without the touch screen or chassis. My Momo8 tablet is pretty much exactly the same spec as the Gooseberry but with twice the ram and storage. You can probably tell what tablet the Gooseberry comes from by looking at the shape of the board, has a fairly distinctive rounded corner.

Comment: Points 66 and 67 of the judgement (Score 1) 657

by Alistair Hutton (#38829109) Attached to: Non-Copied Photo Is Ruled Copyright Infringement
66. On the first point, Mr Fielder's image is not what I will call a mere photograph; by which I mean an image which is nothing more than the result of happening to click his camera in the right place at the right time. I do not need to grapple with the scope of copyright protection arising from such a photograph. Mr Fielder's image could perhaps best be called a photographic work; by which I mean to emphasise that its appearance is the product of deliberate choices and also deliberate manipulations by the author. This includes choosing where to stand and when to click and so on but also includes changes wrought after the basic image had been recorded. The image may look like just another photograph in that location but its appearance derives from more than that.

67.On the second point, the collection of other similar works relied on by the defendants have worked against them because the collection has served to emphasise how different ostensibly independent expressions of the same idea actually look.

They are key and paint the case in a far different light from the scare mongering sensationalist headlines that have been produced about the case.

Comment: So unbelievably stupid (Score 1) 364

by Alistair Hutton (#36994956) Attached to: Finding Fault With the Low, Low Price of Android
This is the stupidest "debate" in the world and once again, because it is an asine argument that favours Apple, we find Daring Fireball driving the discussion.

This is going to go down with the "why yes it is definitely better for the consumer if Apple bans cross compilers no I;ll keep my mouth shut once Apple reverse that decision a couple of months later".

It is close to impossible to describe the blatant hypocrisy of railing against Lodsys (which Daring Fireball has done) but then criticising Google's position on patents as being monopolistic and anti-competitive.


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