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Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 112 112

If you do the leading edges and windscreen with furniture polish (people swear by Lemon Pledge, I use Mr Sheen because Pledge doesn't seem to be sold locally) the bug guts wipe off very easily (and I suspect many just don't stick but I've not done a scientific test of this).

Take an awful lot of Pledge to do an airliner leading edge, though.

Comment: Re:First they made food portions smaller (Score 1) 273 273

But if you don't need the allowance, Ryanair is still the best price by a country mile.

I keep thinking of converting a ski jacket so I can pack 2 weeks clothing in the lining (they never check the size of coats!) and go on a fortnight's vacation hand luggage only...

Comment: Re:Slashdotters (Score 1) 181 181

The TV is across the other side of the room, though. It doesn't matter that the TV screen has a lower dot pitch than the phone, I don't use the TV 18 inches from my face. All that matters is can I see jaggies or individual pixels on the TV from across the room? The answer is no. Anything more than 1080p on a TV screen is rapidly going into diminishing returns.

Now a computer monitor on the other hand is a different story altogether. So is VR due to the apparent size of the screen in a VR headset.

Comment: Re:Um...210k? And 3 months? (Score 1) 227 227

This will sound holier-than-thou, but insufficient for your wants, not needs. I'm sure you can with a small amount of effort think of a way of not needing a full size grand piano (I have a fantastic stage piano that sounds awesome, which I can just about lift myself and take to gigs), or a personal gym. You're living better than a king, and you're complaining about it!

Comment: Re:save? (Score 1) 227 227

I earn about a 1/3rd of this person, live in a country more expensive to live in than the United States, and I own a light aircraft, yet I have enough money saved that I could live over a year at my current spending rate. OK, so I don't have children, but believe me an aircraft is as expensive to own as children.

Comment: Re:Answer (Score 1) 336 336

Do you even allocate memory in the sense that most people think about it (in other words, calling malloc or something similar to do dynamic allocation), or just have a region defined for data in your linker scripts and have constant addresses for regions of memory hard coded for certain purposes?

Comment: Re:Answer (Score 1) 336 336

Long ago, after writing C++ like Java, I decided it would be much easier and I would be much more productive if I just actually used Java. Many headaches of trying to write C++ like Java go away if you just use Java (or C# instead) and you get easier to understand and easier to maintain software systems.

Comment: Re:*shrug* (Score 1) 387 387

So did the Acorn Archimedes (the computer the ARM CPU was originally made for). RiscOS even had things like anti-aliased fonts by then, and certain user interface concepts that didn't show up elsewhere until Mac OSX came out.

However, the PC and Microsoft was already massively entrenched, and the news was huge - finally the computers most people actually used at work were going to catch up with the Mac, Amiga, Archimedes and other machines.

Comment: Re: *shrug* (Score 1) 387 387

But anyone could tell that Windows was going to be huge. The PC was already dominant and Microsoft was already nearing monopoly position in the PC market (and IBM compatibles at the time had fallen in price such that they were price competitive with the Amiga) and the upgrade path for most people was not to buy a whole new computer but just add Windows.

I remember the news at the time. It was huge. Finally, the PC that nearly everyone was using was catching up to the Mac, Archimedes, Amiga etc.

Comment: Re:Curious... (Score 1) 1094 1094

Raising minimum wage *past a certain point* won't help anyone. If you've ever done basic calculus you will have come across the concept of oprimization - in the abstract for instance, finding where the derivative of a function that's some sort of concave-down curve crosses zero.

The minimum wage will be like that. If you graphed the spending power of the minimum wage people (their income minus their expenses) it will probably be some kind of curve. Starting from zero, the graph will slope upwards, until you hit a peak, and then it will slope downwards as the increased labour cost exceeds the benefit of higher wages.

We are probably somewhere to the left of this optimal point. The increase LA is making probably will move people closer to the optimal point. Increasing the minimum wage to $100/hr will move you to a point far to the right of the point at which the first derivative of the graph crosses zero.

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