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Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

They could still show ads to generate revenue even without invading the privacy of email. Targeting could be based on their users' geography, time of day, etc. Or, they could allow users to specify what types of ads they're most interested in.

As I mentioned in a previous response, it's particularly egregious that they are parsing third-party correspondence, i.e. that of people who never even agreed to their POS TOS.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

I'm not a gmail user, yet they're parsing and analyzing any correspondence I have with

Maybe they do this just to show ads to their own users. That's bad enough. But, maybe they're responsible for some of the spam that gets sent to me. And who knows what they're collecting in hopes of someday adding a record to a join table. In any case, I'm angry that the googleplex is reading my private correspondence.

Even though MS is the meanest, nastiest father-stabber and mother-raper on the group W bench, I'm with them on this one.

Comment opposite reactions (Score 2) 605

Until recently I've been one of those guys who was always defending free trade, immigration, multiculturalism and the like. Crap like this doesn't change my views incrementally, it makes me see the polar opposite. These immigrant workers are not "friends". They're here to take whatever they can from us. The government isn't working to improve conditions for the average citizen. They're just making shady deals with companies whose only philosophy is "greed is good".

I've been a fool, but I won't get fooled again. Who said that?

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought.