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That would be something if they had the ability to control the path of these asteroids. Something tells me that the energy costs of directing one of them at a target on earth would be ridiculous. Also, unless said company wants to then operate solely in space, there would be retaliations against any Earth based resources they possess.

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Did you just get to the USA? I don't think it would take too long to realize that we aren't the UK and although the language is the "same" and you can communicate in either place with it, there are many word usages that differ. Here's a list to get you started. Perhaps that will help you realize that a nation of over 300 million people can change their own language as they see fit.

I think enough other people have already pointed out the origin of the word "soccer" and why our "rugby" has the name football.

Finally, go fuck yourself with the metric shit. That's obviously not going to happen. Would you like it if people went to your home country and said that it's time you all start speaking English? All your existing signs, recorded media, etc. all has to be re-done. Because that's about what you're asking us to do with our measurement units.

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Simple. He'll run around the lumbering heart attack who won't be able to move as fast thanks to inertia.

You clearly don't understand the rules of the game then. A 300 pound guy is on the line in the NFL. If he's on defense, by running around him, you helped him get into the backfield to get the ball carrier. If he's on offense, good job getting around him, now you have to tackle a 240 pound guy with the ball.

I know NFL linemen aren't the healthiest men in sports, but I assure you that with the amount of money moving around the sport, they are the best at what they have to do.

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Actually, though I don't know if it's feasible, a ball without stitches would do ok. I wonder if we can mimic leather properties and create such a ball.

The links in the summary state that the TeamGeist ball was fused together and not stitched so it is possible and been done. The link on the newest one goes to an Adidas store and doesn't say if they are still making the balls this way.

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by Algae_94 (#47401603) Attached to: Android Wear Is Here

It strikes me along the same lines as new TV set offerings. TV manufacturers are trying everything to get that next big hardware push like they had when people were converting to HD flat screens. They've tried 3D, Some of them are trying curved screens, and 4K is the next thing they'll try.

This strikes me as a similar last ditch effort to get their ecosystem out to more people and grab up a new segment of hardware. We went from Laptops to Smartphones first, then tablets, and now they're going to try wearables.

I think what we will find is that the consumer is not a bottomless well that will continue to buy into new hardware markets. Sure, some of them will, but the market penetration will get smaller and smaller as more odd-ball form factors are tried. It's probably a big enough market to have a couple products sell in okay numbers, but I think manufacturers will quickly realize that this market is not as big as they hoped and it will then stagnate as far as hardware improvements go.

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by Algae_94 (#47378845) Attached to: Judge Frees "Cannibal Cop" Who Shared His Fantasies Online

I'm sort of shocked that such a crime carries a max 12 month sentence. What that says to me is that law enforcement agencies and the governments that set them up, don't really care how their own misuse government power.

Are you saying that a year in prison is not long enough for illegal use of a database? That seems like a suitable punishment to me.

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by Algae_94 (#47378691) Attached to: Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned

All the things you mention are not born out of religious faith. They are born out of organized religious groups (churchs, etc.) that twist people's faith to their advantage.

If you want to hate someone because they believe there is a spiritual being that pulls the strings of the world, well that's being bigoted against a person that has beliefs that can't be proven.

If you want to hate someone because they preach about the sins of other groups/religions and promote violence and attacks on those groups, that is fine.

The fine line is that many people that speak like you do go beyond hating the people that use religion to promote violence and hate, and start hating people just because they believe in something that you don't believe in.

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by Algae_94 (#47353621) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

Rather than patronizingly talking down to me like this, try to understand where I'm coming from. I'm not talking about crimes that have victims here, like robbery and murder. Preventing those is legitimately within the purpose of having a government and a society. I'm talking about the wrong of trying to dictate lifestyles, of trying to micromanage the way others live based not on crimes but on approval. It's not terribly different from dictating to people what they may read, listen to, watch, and discuss.

I still hold by my position that society has been trying to dictate the way people live their lives for thousands of years not based solely on crimes with victims but by a persons behavior as well. Etiquette, morality, traditional gender roles, fraternal groups, religious organizations. There have always been groups of people that pressure others to conform. People on the outside are treated poorly. I'm not saying that this is how things should be.

Your comment said trying to control other people's lives was profoundly anti-social. I'm telling you this is the essence of what social organization is. The best you can do is find a social group that has similar beliefs and behaviors to your own.

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by Algae_94 (#47336855) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

Really only if you consider eating too much and not being able to handle the intense high ODing on it. I generally consider an overdose to be a life threatening situation, as in actually life threatening, not that you believe you're dying.

Really, this problem wouldn't be so bad if people didn't consume normal brownies in massive quantities. If you just ate a normal amount of the pot brownies you'd be less likely to have this issue.

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by Algae_94 (#47335585) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

I don't care if you drink yourself to an early grave.
I don't care if you smoke yourself to an early grave.
I don't care if you eat yourself to an early grave.

"I don't care if you live or die..."

This is all about more gov control, taxes, regulation to protect us from ourselves.

"...but I do think you should listen to my opinion."

Well, at least you gave us fair warning! Antisocial people are, paradoxically, the first to give their opinion on how the world should be run.

There's nothing more profoundly anti-social than trying to control other people and force them to live only the way that you want them to.

Perhaps you've just heard of this thing called society. It has been all about conforming to social norms with punishments for doing tabboo things for thousands of years now. The only real changes have been what is a norm and what is a tabboo.

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by Algae_94 (#47335285) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

Because people have responsibilities. Or do you think that orphans never happen from suicides? Or that there isn't also a risk to others in that household? I mean, come on.

There are countless children that never met their father even though he is alive and well somewhere. Countless more that have slight recollections of a parent from when they were young and before they left their lives. People don't follow through on their responsibilities and you can't force someone to raise their children properly. Is it really worse for a child to be orphaned because their parent killed themself with a gun, than to be orphaned because their parent just left?

Them as has, gets.