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FTC Wants To Straighten Out IP Law 97

coondoggie writes with this excerpt from NetworkWorld: "What do you get when you mix the government, the court system, company lawyers and Joe Consumer? A serious mess that would send most people screaming into the night. But the Federal Trade Commission is no such entity. It wants to straighten Intellectual Property (IP) out and today said it will hold a series of hearings — the first in Washington, DC on Dec. 5 — it will use to examine IP law and the myriad issues surrounding it. Interested bigwigs from the tech industry, including Cisco, Yahoo and the Computer & Communications Industry Association are expected to testify along with professors, lawyers and other industry players. The patent system has experienced significant change and more changes are under consideration, the FTC said." The FTC held some different, but related hearings this week which addressed topics such as copyright law and DRM interoperability. Transcripts, podcasts, and summaries of the talks are available on the FTC-hosted "Protecting Consumers in the Next Tech-ade" site.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 381

Yes, you're right, I'm definately in the eat to live camp.

Just as an example, in addition to the prep time your pasta sauce adds one sautee pan, one chopping board, one chopping knife and one garlic press additional washing up (about double the washing up load). It also requires presence during an additional 10 minutes - although the pasta itself takes only 10 minutes to cook it does not require presence in the kitchen except to transfer boiling water from kettle to pot.

So in total we're looking at around double the trouble or more to prepare the meal with a home prepared pasta sauce as opposed to the pre-prepared one, not counting the additional shopping time and effort in selecting and buying the ingredients. I believe the stir in sauce to be more healty than not, and is passably tasty, so my home made sauce would have to be pretty damn delicious and be noticably better for me to be wothwhile. I just don't think it is.

It's another matter altogether if you enjoy cooking, and find preparing a pasta sauce a rewarding task to undertake, I suppose.

BitTorrent Becomes Ever More Legit 169

lily_bt writes "BitTorrent just signed a deal with 4 entertainment distributors to add more than 1,600 titles to its video library. From 'SuperSize Me' to The Three Stooges to Bollywood films, BitTorrent wants to offer the most comprehensive service when it launches its pay service. The best part is that this content will be made available by subscription." From the article: "Once distrustful of peer-to-peer technologies, Hollywood studios appear more willing to partner with companies such as BitTorrent and video-sharing site Guba.com, which last month partnered with Warner Bros. to distribute movie titles. BitTorrent, widely used to both legally and illegally swap copies of copyright movies, has been aiming to turn its technology into a tool used for legal services."

A Fresh Look at Vista's User Account Control 332

Art Grimm writes to mention a post at Ed Bott's Microsoft Report on ZDNet. There, he talks about Vista's User Account Control, and the issues he sees with the setup as it exists now. From the article: "The UAC prompts I depicted in the first post are those that appear when you install a program, when you run a program that requires access to sensitive locations, or when you configure a Windows setting that affects all users. But as many beta testers have discovered, UAC prompts can also show up when you perform seemingly innocent file operations on drives formatted using NTFS. In this post, I explain why these prompts appear and why some so-called Windows experts miss the obvious reason (and the obvious fix)."

Amanda 2.5 Released 155

Anonymous Coward writes to tell us that a new release of the popular open source backup tool Amanda is now available fixing many of the limitations of previous versions. From the release: "Overall the focus of the release is on security of the backup process & backed up data, scalability of the backup process and ease of installation & configuration of Amanda."

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