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Comment Re:That's great if you have a mobile phone (Score 1) 213

I don't. I tried to sign up with Yahoo a few weeks ago and got cockblocked by this. They required a mobile number.

I've been using Yahoo Plus Email (the paid version) for about 12 years. If they start REQUIRING me to use a mobile phone to access my account, I'll just have to cancel the account. Never owned a mobile phone, and not going to get one JUST to access an email account!

Comment Not in mine (Score 1) 394

I got rid of cable (well, Dish Network) a few years ago. Wasn't worth the money I was paying for it. I find PLENTY to watch on the 19 channels I get for FREE with my outdoor antenna. However, I DO remember the Dish Network receiver getting hot enough you could probably fry an egg on the darn thing!

Comment Re:Better service though... (Score 1) 286

I dropped cable (actually Dish Network) a few years ago. Was paying for 250 channels, and most nights, when I'd find something worth watching, it'd be on one of the local TV stations, NOT on the cable networks, which were filling up with insipid "reality shows". Cancelled service, put up a good quality outdoor antenna, and haven't missed cable at all. Getting 19 over-the-air channels, all the major broadcast networks. Find MORE than enough to watch. Only have 6Mbps DSL though, and sharing it with my son, so haven't subscribed to any online streaming video services. Did the Netflix free trial, but dropped it before I was billed, because of excessive buffering. On days nothing is on TV I want to watch, I fall back to my extensive DVD/Blu-ray collection.

Comment Get them also (Score 1) 388

Glad to finally see I'm not the ONLY person that has this issue with Gmail. Never get such emails in my Yahoo Plus account. A while back I was getting emails for some guy referring to issues with his Verizon Fios account. Currently, getting lots of emails for some guy that shares my first name from eBay, telling him he's not allowed to sell live animals... he's apparently trying to sell a parrot for $1000. I've NEVER had an eBay account myself. Never done any business with Verizon either.

Comment Re:Safari and Firefox (Score 1) 111

Who reads twitter with a web browser anymore?

Did osmosis and transmission into the brain by optical cable get perfected while I was offline in the last three weeks? Can you let us in on the secret...

Funny little thing happened while your were asleep Rip Van Winkle. Smartphones were found under a cabbage leaf and the world rejoiced.

Not everyone owns a smartphone. I've never owned ANY kind of cellphone. Mainly read Twitter at the webpage on my desktop. If you want to know WHY I don't own a cellphone, it's because I'd find it an unnecessary expense. Haven't found a need for one.

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