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Comment This is from the 99% Invisible Podcast. (Score 5, Informative) 183

It's not clear at all to me why the OP or the editors wouldn't at least mention that this information is taken nearly word-for-word from the really excellent weekly podcast 99% Invisible, so I'm making this comment to get it on the record. Also, here's a gratuitous link to the podcast: and the episode:

Submission + - Groklaw down, forever.

Albert Schueller writes: The site that took us through SCO v. linux and made sense of so many other complex legal cases in the realm of technology is going away. In a touching farewell, PJ explains that the ubiquitous surveillance by the US gov't revealed in recent months has made it impossible for her to continue. She explains the chilling effect that such surveillance has on the people that actually create journalistic content. This is a real tragedy. I will miss Groklaw.

Comment Re:Just algebra? (Score 2) 490

My stock response to this is that educators simply don't know what a person will end up doing in life. Hence the goal of educators is to provide a broad spectrum of ideas for the student to draw upon in their future endeavors--whatever they may be. It's certainly true that a student without calculus has fewer options in life than one with calculus. That doesn't mean I think every student should be required to take calculus, just that your argument for not requiring it is not sound.

Submission + - to try subscription model, again.->

Albert Schueller writes: It looks like is going to try the subscription model again, but this time for the whole site. I'm not averse to paying for good content, but at 35USD every 4 weeks, it appears that they missed this article. Try 35USD a year, and I might think about it.
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Submission + - Sell someone else's book on Lulu!->

Albert Schueller writes: Lulu is a place where authors can self-publish their books. It's a nice response to exorbitant college textbook prices. In an interesting twist, looks like you might be able to get away with selling other people's books on Lulu and reap a tidy profit. The Lulu offering Calculus Twirly Exponentials by Dave Stuart appears to be simply a high quality scan of the much more well-known, and expensive, Calculus: Early Transcendentals 6th ed. by James Stewart. Compare the preview images available for each at Lulu and Amazon respectively. Do it quickly though. I imagine Lulu will take it down once this story appears!
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Comment It could be illegal. (Score 5, Interesting) 217

"Among its various tactics? It hires a team of interns to trawl iTunes and other community forums posing as real users, and has them write positive reviews for their client's applications."

Just so we're all clear, this is already illegal. If they are engaging in this kind of activity, then it's just a law enforcement issue.

Comment Slackware, 1994 or so. (Score 1) 739

To install it I used something like 60-80 1.44" floppy disks on a Packard-Bell which I created using the network connection and computers at school. I successfully installed it, but I never got the video past 800x600 (though I played with modelines til my eyes crossed). My only network connection was a modem. I can't remember if I had ppp at that point, but something makes me think I did because I was so excited to have multiple shells connected to the school machines.

The whole reason for even trying was to get a unix environment at home to run LaTeX. I was in graduate school in the math dept at the University of Kentucky. I've been running some flavor of linux at home ever since (slackware, redhat, debian, centos, ubuntu).

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