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Comment: Re:cash4cronies (Score 1) 434

by Alakaboo (#28681321) Attached to: To Get $18 Million Redesign

Okay, I'll play.

When a Republican changes his mind, he's always believed the way he believes now.
When a Democrat changes his mind, he's a flip-flopper with no loyalty or conviction.

When a Republican raises taxes, it's only temporary. Republicans are the champions of small government, lest we forget.
When a Democrat raises taxes, he's a tax-and-spend liberal, a chronic symptom of an overgrown government.

It appears that you are no slouch at linguistic gymnastics yourself.

Comment: That's a nice opinion, but... (Score 1) 264

by Alakaboo (#28227265) Attached to: Apple To Face Challenge At WWDC

...really, Apple has been doing just fine without Steve Jobs, and the iPhone is so popular that they can probably phone in (no pun intended) the 3.0 update and be set for another six months or more. Apple isn't in jeopardy of losing a significant number of customers to Palm until the bugs are worked out in webOS and their app store is fleshed out. RIM needs to hurry the Storm 2 along and from what I gather their app store needs some time as well.

That being said, I don't think Apple is going to phone it in. They've been quite prolific these past 10 years or so and I've seen no evidence of that changing any time soon. I expect to see a cheaper iPhone with beefier hardware and a reduced rate plan in the next few weeks (not necessarily at WWDC), and I expect to see Core i5 iMacs and Snow Leopard by Fall. Incremental improvements, to be sure, but enough to stay competitive.

Comment: Re:I'm really curious.... (Score 1) 252

by Alakaboo (#27628673) Attached to: Obama Appoints Non-Tech Guy As CTO

O'Reilly is even more backwards and loud mouthed than most people his age. I can't wait for the old generation to just die out already. Their legacy superstitions and bigotry have encroached far beyond what any reasonable person would find appreciable.

Uh oh. I think that includes me.

I think the GP must have been flaming Bill O'Reilly, not Tim O'Reilly, the author of TFA.

You've never seemed particularly loud-mouthed or bigoted to me. Don't go away, we need you. :-)


Confusion Reigns As Analog TV Begins Shutdown 434

Posted by kdawson
from the how-not-to-do-it dept.
As TV stations across the country switch off their analog signals, uncertainty reigns. Some 691 stations will have converted to digital broadcasting by midnight tonight (some interpreted the mandate as going digital by Feb. 17, not during Feb. 17, and shut down yesterday). This represents about a third of TV broadcasters nationwide. No one can say how many of the estimated 5.8 million households unready for the transition are in areas served by the stations that are switching now. The FCC added to the uncertainty by imposing extra conditions, making it unclear until last Friday exactly which stations would be switching at the beginning of the transition period. The article quotes a former analyst at Barclays Capital who said the whole process has been "botched politically."
The Internet

+ - Lawrence Lessig on Fresh Air with Terry Gross->

Submitted by alakaboo
alakaboo (171129) writes "Terry Gross interviews legal scholar Lawrence Lessig on NPR's Fresh Air on topics ranging from copyright law, the relationship between the creative commons and corporate entities, his new book Remix, and his new position as faculty director at Harvard University's Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics. Audio for the program should be available Monday afternoon by 3 PM ET."
Link to Original Source

2,100-Year-Old Antikythera Device Recreated In Working Form 258

Posted by timothy
from the probably-nothing-more-than-an-electrical-meter dept.
coondoggie writes "A new working model of the mysterious 2,100-year-old astronomical calculator, dubbed the Antikythera Device, has been unveiled, incorporating the most recent discoveries announced two years ago by an international team of researchers. The new model was demonstrated by its creator, former museum curator Michael Wright, who had created an earlier model based on decades of study."

Good Open Source, Multi-Platform, Secure IM Client? 308

Posted by Soulskill
from the real-time-tps-report-updates dept.
Phil O. writes "I work for a company with 30+ locations across North America. Some offices have hundreds of employees; some only a dozen. We're looking for a secure, multi-platform IM client we could implement across the organization. One group is pushing for Microsoft's solution, but it has a number of drawbacks (including cost). What other options are out there, and what has worked well in similar situations? Security is a big concern for the company."

The less time planning, the more time programming.