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Comment Re:Europe has also had wire transfers (Score 1) 294 294

>It's 2015. Why does transferring money in the US take more than a minute and a few cents? I transfer money via ACH all the time for $1 per transaction.

Manual wires are different, and have a lot of costs associated with them. There are people involved, not just data being pushed.

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 688 688

Well, it's still a better car in most ways. People don't only buy the cheapest car.

Is your car already air conditioned when you get into it? The Leaf lets you set that. You're literally more comfortable in a Leaf than you would be in most cars. And the difference in running costs is not extreme. And yes, the equation in the UK is different, gas is more expensive, and there's more charging stations. But America will catch up, and the Leaf/electric cars are getting ever cheaper.

But no single car is right for everyone; but I do find the extremely common hatred amusing.

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 688 688

I checked into it. The premature failure of the battery in hot climates was an issue with the 2011, 2012 models, but Nissan reformulated the battery chemistry and the 2013 version doesn't really have the issue (the degradation happens at 1/3 the rate).

They also extended the warranty to cover back to the 2011 models, and if it happens they replace the battery back to full charge state.

Even when they do wear out, they're selling replacement batteries at (what seems to be) slightly below cost. The batteries are getting cheaper all the time anyway (8% per annum), and provided you do a reasonable mileage, the Leaf is still cheaper and more reliable than using a hybrid.

Comment Re:How is it cheaper? (Score 1) 55 55

Not necessarily. On the upside, the drones only weigh a few kilograms, compared to a tonne or two for a truck, and the drones can fly as-the-crow-flies direct routes, and they are electric vehicles, so are actually potentially much *more* efficient, particularly in Switzerland, where they get a lot of their energy from hydroelectricity.

I suspect in a lot of cases they will be faster and more efficient.

Comment Re:take care of yourself and you will look good (Score 1) 285 285

> A restaraunt my wife frequents has completely separate grills and utensils for gluten free cooking. That's pretty much fanaticism.

No, for people that actually have celiac disease (as opposed to people that are "gluten free"), that's how you have to do it. They're allergic to even small traces of gluten; similar to the way peanuts trigger allergies in minute traces.

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 688 688

As I understand it, your situation is that you get stuck in traffic jams every day, in 35C weather for 6 hours, which would mean the A/C would flatten the battery, you're probably going to change jobs so you 100% definitely will have to sell the car, even though you don't have a new job yet, you have no fast chargers on any freeways you may be doing long distances on, you do high mileage, which you apparently think means the battery pack will wear out, but simultaneously, you think that the vehicle won't pay for itself because electric vehicles only pay for themselves on high mileages which you aren't going to be doing. In addition, your car is uninsured, so you may crash it and lose all the economic value in the battery. You also live in the south, where the batteries age more quickly. Oh and Nissan are going to fraudulently reprogram their battery indicator, and the courts are totally going to let them get away with it.

Makes sense!

Comment Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 1) 452 452

Reddit was started as an experiment in free speech.

Wait, what?

I recall Alex coming on Slashdot a lot to promote Reddit when he first launched it. "An experiment in free speech" was not anything I recall being discussed. I also remember him posting on Slashdot while still developing reddit.

What I recall, is promotion of a general interest platform that was more open than Slashdot (unlimited moderations for all!) and less susceptible to vote brigading than Digg.

It was while ago, so I may be a bit foggy on the specifics.

Comment Re:Dwindling airable land? (Score 1) 279 279

I think what the Libertarians fail to realize is that farmers, as a general rule, are not smart enough to diversify or maintain course.

First, I think that's a ridiculous assertion. Smart farmers don't diversify because the taxpayers bear the risk of their crop failure, or of crashing prices; they have insufficient incentive to diversify.

Second, if we had a true free market, dumb farmers would go out of business and we would be left with smart farmers allocating resources efficiently. Isn't that the point of economic libertarianism?

Note: I am far from libertarian.

Comment Re:So does this qualify as 'organic'? (Score 1) 279 279

What do you mean by cyclical? Do you mean the livestock/fertilizer/crop/fodder cycle? Do you mean crop rotation? Or something else entirely?

Just curious, since I'm not aware of either cyclical production or crop rotation being a requirement for organic farming (although both are considered best practices).

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 688 688

As I have already pointed out, even in the US, the average daily mileage is only 30; and most people don't suddenly jump into their car and drive for days on any regular basis.

And there's very little problem with a 2 hour jam. It's a 7+ hour jam that does for your range.

I'm not saying that batteries don't degrade, only it takes more than a 'few years'. The batteries are expected to last 10 years/100,000-150,000 miles or more without significant degradation, and there's no evidence that this won't be achieved.

The other thing I haven't mentioned- cost. Yes, electric cars are fairly expensive right now, but they batteries are getting exponentially cheaper every year. Fossil cars, are NOT getting cheaper. We're right about at the crossing point now; electric cars are going to be cheaper- and second hand cars are becoming more and more available and more and more cost-effective, and they're cheaper to run. Pretty soon everyone will preferentially run an electric car, because it's cheaper.

I mean, sure, electric cars are better for only 99% of most people's journeys.

Comment Re:Idiotic Question! Answer: Price, Range, and .. (Score 1) 688 688

I'm in the UK; it has a half decent; but not fully decent infrastructure, some parts of the country don't have very much public charging infrastructure.

Obviously, if you don't have much public infrastructure around you, you shouldn't get the Leaf.

Nissan Leafs don't seem to lose much range; it's still a relatively new car, but so far it seems that there's very little degradation of the batteries; the idea that range plummets after a 'few years' is clearly bullshit.

Indeed, the second hand value seems to have gone up recently for vehicles of the same age.

The rule of thumb that Leaf drivers use is 70 mile range at 70 mph; note that the A/C or heating makes very little difference; unless you're stuck for hours in a traffic jam; which is pretty damn rare, but even then you have the choice of how much to use the A/C; it's not like you're going to be unexpectedly stranded, the car keeps you informed of the situation.

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