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Submission + - Slashdot Poll suggestion on energy saving light bulbs->

Alain Williams writes: How long had the last energy saving light bulb that you replaced been working ? * 0-1 months; * 2-4 months; * 5-8 months; * 9-14 months; * 15-23 months; * 2 years; * 2-3 years; * 4+ years; * never had one fail; * I eat carrots you insensitive clod!.
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Submission + - Jewish school removes evolution questions from exams

Alain Williams writes: Religious sponsored ignorance is not just in the USA, a school in Hackney, England is trying to hide the idea of evolution from its pupils. Maybe they fear that their creation story will be seen for what it is if pupils get to learn ideas supported evidence. The girls are also disadvantaged since they can't answer the redacted questions, thus making it harder to get good marks.

Submission + - Detained David Miranda loses legal battle

Alain Williams writes: The BBC reports that the nine-hour detention at Heathrow Airport of an ex-Guardian journalist's partner has been ruled lawful. David Miranda lives with reporter Glenn Greenwald who has written articles about state surveillance based on leaked documents by Edward Snowden. At the High Court, Mr Miranda claimed his detention under anti-terrorism laws was unlawful and breached human rights. But judges said it was a "proportionate measure in the circumstances" and in the interests of national security.

Submission + - Work begins on hardware to aid Edsac replica recreation->

Alain Williams writes: "Plans to rebuild the pioneering Edsac computer are a step closer to completion as parts that will form its metal chassis start to be manufactured.

Edsac — Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator — ran its first program in 1949 and was created to help scientists at Cambridge University."

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Submission + - Proposal for new HTTP code for censorship->

Alain Williams writes: "Some ISPs return a code of 403 Forbidden when they have been ordered by court to prevent their customers visiting a URL. Tim Bray proposes 451, an appropriate reference to the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This could be fun: censors often don't like being exposed for what they really are!"
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Submission + - Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell->

Alain Williams writes: "Apple has launched a new patent assault on its competitors, first granted to the American Mathematical Society in October 1912, subsequently renewed, then acquired by Apple at an unknown date. The first entry among the patent's Claims describes "A quadrilateral having all four interior angles of 90, opposite sides that are parallel, and congruent diagonals that bisect each other.""
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Submission + - Kodaks' patent spat threatens photo web sites->

Alain Williams writes: "The fallout from a patent dispute between Kodak and web photo site Shutterfly could embroil many online image sites, says patent experts.

Kodak claimed it owns patents regarding the display of online images that is being infringed by Shutterfly."

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Submission + - UAE 'moves to suspend some Blackberry services'->

Alain Williams writes: "The move comes amid UAE concerns that data from the devices is immediately exported offshore and managed by a foreign organisation.
The UAE's telecoms regulator, TRA, said last week the devices could therefore pose a threat to national security.
It follows an alleged attempt last year by the state-run telecoms company to install spyware on Blackberry handsets."

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Submission + - Slashdot poll suggestion

Alain Williams writes: ''Job control: largest job number''

When you hit Ctrl-z in an app and type ''jobs'' you will get a list of job numbers in square brackes, eg ''[2]'', what is the largest number that you have seen ?
(I currently have 20 on one of my ssh sessions).

* 2
* 5
* 10
* 20
* 20+
* I don't control my jobs

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