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Comment: Re:Unintended consequences (Cake) (Score 1) 599

by AlabamaCajun (#49126435) Attached to: Republicans Back Down, FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality Rules
Freedom is like Cake you can't have it and eat it at the same time because once eaten or used it's gone. The eating part is where you can either have congress (legislation) control it or the Corps will. Phone and cable jack rates almost monthly. Although I have more channels to watch the content all sucks so I lost freedom to control it. Net neutrality speaks for at least the part where we have choice in the content we want to surf. Without it we will have to work through the same pile of crap load we get with cable to find that small website on programming a raspberry Pi or making your own fishing lures like gram-pa did before internet not like the young punk in Dicks sporting goods. Believe it or not once you give up NN you won't get it back the greed takes over and you loose the freedom of choice in content. As it is already search content is "dictated" to you now. We once had a search engine that worked when you had serious work to do now the results are polluted with unrelated crap. Sure we have a bazillion petabytes more data out there to search but it's still about hitting the content you want. Have to go, my sponsor wants the soapbox back.

Comment: Re:The Secret of Nim (Score 1) 520

by AlabamaCajun (#49070997) Attached to: Nim Programming Language Gaining Traction
COBOL can suck in Math, Science and Physics with the best of them. C# and C++ just make better tools for the task. If you had a business that ran COBOL as it's primary language and needed to add bridge design into the code then all you have to do is extend the language with an available OOL that the system supports. This ability was available back in version 85. You could also drop F# on a server and take it to the next level!

Comment: Why? Shotest Game (Score 1) 290

by AlabamaCajun (#48704083) Attached to: War Tech the US, Russia, China and India All Want: Hypersonic Weapons
"According to some analysts, the development of hypersonic weapons creates the conditions for a new arms race, and could risk nuclear escalation. Given that the course of hypersonic research has acknowledged both of these concerns, why have several countries started testing the weapons?" The answer lies in the short game. Quickest move to checkmate to get to GAME OVER. Long wars have been a problem with the cost of deployment, supply routes, tracking assets etc. Getting a destructive payload on a target has so many advantages. Taking out an operative before he can end his call. Knocking out a battalion just as it makes it's first move. Stopping a terror cell when it is still locking and loading before they reach civilian areas. Even sinking a pirate operation approaching a merchant ship. They could all be reasons for the fast and now deployment and taking control.

Comment: Re:Genius /Insanity (Score 1) 49

by AlabamaCajun (#48388647) Attached to: Mathematics Great Alexander Grothendieck Dies At 86
(Please read this as something to think about) The human mind is designed for observation and reaction by evolution. Intelligence developed as a means to improve those skills. One might conclude that intelligence is but an attempt to reorient a ones brain into a mostly thinking and forget the rest. That detachment from the more primal function creates a void that we observe as insanity, savant or just non-social. As you get older you might find that you get deep into studies or searching for the meaning of life or solving P vs NP the more irritated you may become when the rest of the world continues to intervene. Maybe it's the world that is actually insane while those of higher intelligence are just outside this insanity. -Math Rules-

Comment: Re:Terrible (Score 1) 430

"The means by which imperialist US corporations seek to corruptly buy up the resources off all other countries in order to prop up their insatiable psychopathic greed"
SO fricking true!
The War on "?" is not a war in the sense of soldiers and tanks as it is about corporate insurgency. Iraq to plant oil fields, Afghanistan to grow poppy fields, Columbia to plant cocoa fields. Now it's the war on the US government they have actually been fighting since the 1800s and have recently ramped up. The same people that constantly yell freedom (US citizens) are the same ones selling out to the corporate snake! I know a few corps that are decent enough not to get into this but some don't seem to be trying to stop this corporatizing of everything. US-people wake up and vote to stop this. If Coch (Pronounced Coke, I say Cock) supports that candidate, vote for the other one.

Comment: They surpassed Minecraft in stuffs and griefing (Score 2) 67

by AlabamaCajun (#48119325) Attached to: Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks
Within the 2 minute time I was transported to several different lands most likely the system overload. Then once stable, something left on the trail by others morphed me through several different avatars and turned off aswd. Then out of nowhere I was transported to someones trap. I rarely played mario so I;m not familiar with the powerups. Great place to get your mind sucked away.

Comment: Re:What happens to that heat? (Score 2) 423

by AlabamaCajun (#48072429) Attached to: Past Measurements May Have Missed Massive Ocean Warming
The cycle continues. Heat rises with evaporation but the air saturates with moisture rather quickly. Cloud formation results and slows the radiation, Heat gets trapped by the clouds. Wind moves both the clouds and moisture away, over land someones parade or wedding gets ruined or if lucky framing gets it's rain. It's a rather large heat engine the cycles itself continuously day and night. Speaking of night, with longer winter night facing means more time for radiation. Summer has more time for energy absorption and less night radiance. While this is true for the latitudes closer to the poles the tropic zone is more of a slight oscillation thus serves more as a lateral heat-pump producing tropical storms and moving a lot of water vapor and releasing enormous amounts of heat. The possible scenario we see now is wind shear interfering with the tropical storms slowing the release of heat but this is dependent on the landmasses and bodies of water. Atlantic storm count is way down but the Pacific is active. If one section of ocean is getting hotter than others then that section would have reduced activity for allowing heat release. This may have to do with how the El Nino - La Nina cycles play into effect. Enough heat finally accumulates to make the currents pick up and the whole system is affected.

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