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You got it, it's Corporate Censorship. I keep hearing people talk about being free, freedom this, freedom that but support are still playing ho to these corporate giants.
Yeah we have our guns but what can we do with them but shoot things.
We also have other ways to be free and that is fair use. I can't see the video to judge for myself but Sony is loosing ground and will soon split up so I still won't buy their sh!t.

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Dah! come on it was all over the media as early as 2006 this was happening. Who needed congressional insight when it was already known this was happening that even the pawn channels like NBC, Fox and others were even showing this regularly after it became widely known. The CIA has been doing this for a lot longer but it was just not that easy to catch them before.
What next, will we have a senate hearing on the military using depleted Uranium bullets in Iraq?

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by AlabamaCajun (#46532843) Attached to: Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?
Not only are the MS products more difficult they are loaded with bugs and annoying built in features.
Why pay for a broken product(s).
When You Shift-End to highlight a line then hit copy it picks up the CR/LF or BR at the end. OO and Libre'- Write does do not. The ribbon is the most annoying pile of crap I've seen. Extra space below the line is on by default and not intuitive on how to get rid of it. In general the editing features of the MS product as non-productive in almost all aspects. I find is easier to just use visual studio and write text files leaving word for once in a blue moon fancy document. (At home I use Write).
I'm also battling with conversion errors on the MS-spreadsheets and MS-email (yuch) programs with many annoying ticks in their ways of doing things. I started on Word Perfect which was hands down the nest writing tool anywhere yet MS-Office knocked it out of normal existence. I won't even start on Windows 8 as that is another pile of junk for another day.
Maybe if more people start speaking up Microsoft with just go on to produce compiler and database tools and get out of the rest of the field. (I've yet to get ahold of a Windows phone yet another pretty flower in the field you pick and when you bring it home it stinks I suspect).

Comment: Win for Nuclear Phyics. (Score 1) 196

by AlabamaCajun (#46407363) Attached to: Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget
While most will hear politics I see a good move.
On big projects we move away from a cowboy Fusion project to the fundamentals of the same physics, In layman's terms, we stop putting a lot money into attempting to build our own project when we already fund and work on the same joint effort with other countries. Any money in Physics with emphasis on nuclear physics is a win for all the fields. So we don't have a home grown mega donut in the near future. What we do is make a wiser investment into tech that will get us there with more knowledge of the project when we do fund it. Let the private sector pump money into it, that is were the same folks doing the Obama-bashing wanted to do business in the first place. I say that not so much for the politics as science is more important then the halls of congress. It's the big companies like GE, Exxon, BP, Boeing etc that have the potential to gain from it in the future they need to pay forward this time.
We need science and tech multiple arenas now because we changed the world. Other countries have move to computing and non-fusion physics to grow where the US has been for decades. Many countries have pushed hard to gain computing advances to get ahead of what we had going for so long now. Just look at the number of computer trojen and viral intrusions we are seeing from international sources than before we released Stuxnet. Now we are forced to move forward on something that I only hope will take us places in physics that we are not getting to now. If we can get physics and computing down in 10 years then return with federal dollars to boost what the private sector has been working on then we might have a small sun burning in Sandia labs or on Boeing campus producing gigawatts of competitive energy.

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by AlabamaCajun (#46380807) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience
Whole foods is what the body does best on. Skip all the probiotics and snake oil the writer is talking about. The problem is the writer is as bad as the anti-science, climate deniers and bull shitters because he is doing the same thing. He is taking the bad stuff that always follows good and making the whole lot bad. I have lived the whole foods anti processed lifestyle for 4 years now. When you are +50, not on meds, regular daily, have not gotten the flu or colds in that time with all the medicated and sick people around then something in the WHOLE FOODs world works. Even the doctor I see once a year for screenings does not promote healthy eating, it's just not taught by anyone in the medical community (industrial complex). Going after what should be good for almost everyone (biology has its quirks) is just another denier jumping into the mix to support the corn-fed, drug dependant, sugar high society. This sounds like someone that thinks that more than 3/4s of the freezers full of cakes, ice cream, pizzas and frozen waffles is a healthy diet. (Except for the college dorm where Beer, Pizza and Twinkies are food groups J/K). By the way, that Ezekiel bread digest better than any other bread on the market. The reason being 90% of what is on the shelf goes directly to sugar which is what stickies up the blood.
Besides what stores sell, you have to know what is real and what is not and organic is a whole lot better when it is certified.
Go to the real veggies and fruits, most of this is good, some better than others.
Whole meats are still the better choice (yes these are what WHOLE FOODS are about).
Canned and frozen veggies can be used but avoid the sauces and flavorings. Frozen peas, beans and some fruits with no additives are still OK.
Milks, eggs and cheese without additives are the final clue. If you have a farmers market or store with organics then you rock (we don't and look at what state I live in but I still seek out the good stuff).

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by AlabamaCajun (#46310677) Attached to: VA Tech Experiment: Polar Vortex May Decimate D.C. Stinkbugs In 2014
News about England has not really hit the states as usual. The only reason we knew of warmer temps on your side is through Sochi.
At least we have gotten rid of some of the pests but others are flourishing like mosquitoes which I killed 2 last week in the south. Normally we would not see them until late March or April which after the cold we had should have taken them out.

Comment: Re:Cat got your brain? (Score 1) 139

by AlabamaCajun (#46303437) Attached to: Dogs' Brains Have Human-like "Voice Area"
That would be a shocker since cats already have a more complex cortex than dogs. Is one smarter than the other? depends on how you look at it.
Back on subject, cats are also vocalizers as we have several that mimic their names. I can only assume they here us using phonetic sounds that they perceive as chrips and cries. So yes I have witnessed is in dogs, cats and birds. When my fish start then I'm out of here.

Comment: Terms that start rumours (Score 1) 108

by AlabamaCajun (#46303365) Attached to: Sochi Drones Are Shooting the Olympics, Not Terrorists
RC Helicopter or Multicopter but not Drone! If you talk to just about anyone that builds flys or develops small flying RC aircraft we don't use the word 'drone'.
They do resemble drones to the general public but they are not militarized hardware and that is were the term drone came from. We have never used the term drone on our normal biplanes, piper cubs or swizzle sticks, helicopters, etc in the RC clubs. The only time the word drone come up is when someone was someone had a model military plane that some one would fly a drone RC plane for it to chase/ mock-shoot down. The English language gets muddier everyday and people are getting all hyped up by journalist that are stirring the pot of words. If people want to rag on the police use of surveillance copters then they may at least be closer to a military than the 6 or 8 rotor "chopperazzi" flying over the Olympics.
A.C. 2014

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by AlabamaCajun (#46294191) Attached to: Scientists Calculate Most Precise Measurement of Electron's Mass
Wet farts have more electron weight than dry ones. Can we just ask that this beta sh!t be optional so that we can get on with life. Make the new one function like the new one and let users choose a color base. I like the dark because I can read is better with out all the white page burning out my retina.

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