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Comment: Re:im sure the academic notes are riveting. (Score 1) 150

Methane itself is odorless. But methane used as fuel (natural gas) has a very smelly sulfur compound added to it so that you will know if there's a leak. Since they said "methane leak" I assume that's what they meant. Your point stands though, a lot of people think methane has a smell because of farts. But farts stink because of hydrogen sulfide and a couple other sulfur compounds.

Comment: Don't answer the phone (Score 2) 217

My phone only rings if the caller is listed in my address book with a custom ringtone. My default ringtone is silent. Everyone I know knows that if they call me from an unrecognized number I won't answer it, and all they have to do is leave me a voicemail. I also have premium txt messages turned off on my account.

Comment: Re:Renewable energy ist cheaper! (Score 3, Insightful) 166

by Akaihiryuu (#48789637) Attached to: Nuclear Waste Accident Costs Los Alamos Contractor $57 Million
Not as trivial as you might think. Acid/base reactions generate heat. In the presence of heat, nitric acid and tributyl phosphate can form a dangerously explosive polymer called red oil. That's just one example of "what can possibly go wrong". Also, keep in mind that there are *millions of gallons* of this stuff. Neutralizing it all with baking soda would take a LOT of baking soda, and also generate that much more waste.

Comment: Re:Renewable energy ist cheaper! (Score 4, Informative) 166

by Akaihiryuu (#48789413) Attached to: Nuclear Waste Accident Costs Los Alamos Contractor $57 Million
From my observation, people seem to think that "nuclear waste" is green glowing goo that turns people into mutants, and it's all the same no matter where it comes from. Thank Hollywood. Waste from nuclear power plants is basically expended fuel rods. They are radioactive, but the radioactivity is contained to an extent (the uranium oxide that is used as fuel is encased in a zirconium alloy). It's not something you'd want to hold in your hand obviously, but it's not *that* dangerous. These are typically stored in dry casks, that are filled with helium or some other inert gas, to keep chemical reactions from breaking down the zirconium alloy around the fuel pellets. The REALLY nasty nuclear waste (that is typically partially or mostly liquids and is stored in underground tanks at places like Hanford), does not come from nuclear power plants at all. It came from making plutonium for bombs. This stuff is nasty...not only is it extremely radioactive, but it's also *chemically* active (usually highly acidic due to nitric acid being used during the plutonium making process), and also mixed with all kinds of nasty toxic organic materials (another component of the plutonium making process is tributyl phosphate dissolved in kerosene). Take that, mix with nitric acid, mix with all kinds of radioactive salts, and you get something that is very nasty. The process is detailed here: Although keep in mind, PUREX is the latest process, before it was developed there were earlier messier processes that created more waste, and in places like Hanford all this stuff gets mixed together, and who knows what chemical reactions take place in there. But most people don't really know any of this, they only know of "nuclear waste" that Hollywood has told them about.

Comment: EXTREMELY against it (Score 1) 613

by Akaihiryuu (#48290307) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
DST is not only completely useless for its "intended" purpose (saving energy), it is actually *harmful*. It doesn't save energy at all, in fact it uses MORE energy. And every time they "extend" it, it uses more energy still. And that's not counting the health problems it causes. In my case it doesn't harm me *that* much since I can just go to bed early on that one night. But other people are not as sleep flexible as I am. I can pretty much change my internal clock on a whim, but not everyone can do that. And it has been proven to cause a *lot* of health issues (due to stress and lack of sleep due to a lot of people NOT being able to adjust their internal clocks). So in short...not only does it not do what it's intended to do, it does the OPPOSITE (cause people to use MORE energy rather than saving it), while cause major health issues for a sizeable number of people at the same time. It needs to be done away with, the sooner the better.

Comment: Re:Another company compromised by NSA (Score 1) 191

by Akaihiryuu (#48087265) Attached to: Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages
At least, in the case of Windows, you can forcibly disable this "feature" with registry edits...or you can just block Microsoft IP's at your router. Routers have no way to disable stuff like this other than flashing custom firmware which is not always available depending on model.

Comment: Re:Windows 8 reverts the hosts file (Score 1) 230

Or better yet...turn off Windows Defender and disable the services it needs to run. Yes, Windows will complain at you. But you can forcibly turn off those warnings as well. And if the warnings do pop up and annoy you, you can disable the service that shows the warnings as well. It's my computer, I will do whatever I want to with it, and the OS will let me, or I will modify it until it does.

Comment: Re:It's just a mater of time... (Score 2) 150

I'm not against the idea of cameras in my house. What I am against the idea of is cameras in my house that are not under my control. Cameras that I have full control of, that I can control access to (and limit to myself), preferably connected to my Linux server (which again only I have access to) - perfectly fine. Cameras that some random third party can access? nope.jpg

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