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Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 2) 546

I honestly don't see anything wrong with euthanizing people, if they have a terminal/incurable illness and are in pain to the point where living at all is misery to them. People in these situations often *want* to die, but the law won't let the doctors do it for them, and a lot of them end up doing it themselves.

Comment: Re:Like on airplanes! (Score 1) 546

I know that statement was made as a joke, but in all seriousness nitrogen is the least expensive non-toxic asphyxiating gas (meaning something that isn't toxic but doesn't contain oxygen) there is, due to it already being 78% of the air. Breathing pure helium would do exactly the same thing, but helium is a lot more scarce, and thus more expensive.

Comment: Re:People with makeup and dyed hair aren't logical (Score 3, Interesting) 546

Yeah, this is something that's often overlooked. The "omg I can't hold my breath any longer" reflex has nothing to do with oxygen, it is solely based on CO2 buildup. Someone breathing pure nitrogen wouldn't even realize anything was wrong until right before they lose consciousness (which would happen in seconds anyway).

Comment: Re:Maybe use helium (Score 1) 546

Any gas or gas mixture that doesn't contain oxygen of at least 1/5 of 1 atmosphere by partial pressure will do the same thing. I suppose mitrogen has the advantage to the government of being VERY cheap, because the air around us is already 78% nitrogen. Much more common than say, helium, or argon.

Comment: Push technology is for phones, not computers (Score 2) 198

by Akaihiryuu (#49475489) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications
Yes, push is great for mobile devices. Because you can close the application and put the device to sleep, and you can still get notifications. That said, even on my phone, the browser does not have this. Why would it? Push is for things like messaging programs, so you can get messages without keeping the device awake and using battery. For computers? Not a chance. There is ZERO reason to have this on desktop PC's even for things like IM programs.

Comment: Re:I'll bet the effect is very mild. (Score 1) 187

by Akaihiryuu (#49473653) Attached to: Acetaminophen Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure, Study Finds
People don't realize that it is extremely toxic to the liver in anything above a normal dose, and MUCH MUCH moreso if alcohol is involved. If alcohol is involved 1 tablet is enough to send you into liver failure. That said, I get sinus headaches frequently due to allergies, but I only take a half dose of generic excedrin when I get one, and it usually takes care of it right away. That has 250mg of acetaminophen, 250mg of aspirin, and 60mg of caffeine. Supposedly, otherwise healthy individuals who do not consume alcohol can tolerate up to about 4000mg/day (but some researchers disagree and think anything over 1000mg/day is bad). Either way, acetaminophin should be "do not take more than you absolutely need".

Comment: Meetings at work (Score 1) 112

by Akaihiryuu (#49263875) Attached to: Scientific Study Finds There Are Too Many Scientific Studies
This reminds me of my last job. There was a BIG concern (and it was justified) that managers had no time to actually manage their departments or their people because they were doing nothing but sitting in meetings 8-9 hours/day. I didn't see my manager for over a month once because he was SOLIDLY in meetings from the time he got there until the time he left. Upper management's response to this: "Let's have a meeting to discuss that".

Comment: Re:Why not do multiple forms? (Score 1) 169

by Akaihiryuu (#49227215) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Video Storage For Time Capsule?
Inexpensive optical media recorded with a commercial CD/DVD/BD-ROM burner degrades over time yes. But actual stamped optical media (like store-bought CD's/DVD's/etc) does not degrade. Of course, that requires more expensive equipment than a $40 burner. But it might be worth looking into, depending on how much money is being put into the project.

Comment: Don't help them (Score 1) 229

by Akaihiryuu (#49219759) Attached to: Listen To a Microsoft Support Scam As It Happened
The best thing to do to these people (assuming you are bored/have the time to mess with them) is to let them connect to a Virtualbox VM and WASTE THEIR TIME, and then not tell them that you are wasting their time, and most importantly, NOT TELL THEM THE MISTAKES THEY MADE. One time I saw a video of someone from Malwarebytes doing just this. They connected the person to a Virtualbox VM and wasted a bunch of their time, but at the end of the video they explained to the person what they did wrong and practically gave them instructions on things they could've done to make the scam more convincing. I facepalmed at that. You do not give them instructions, or tell them what they're doing wrong. You just waste as much of their time as you possibly can.

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