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Comment: EXTREMELY against it (Score 1) 613

by Akaihiryuu (#48290307) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
DST is not only completely useless for its "intended" purpose (saving energy), it is actually *harmful*. It doesn't save energy at all, in fact it uses MORE energy. And every time they "extend" it, it uses more energy still. And that's not counting the health problems it causes. In my case it doesn't harm me *that* much since I can just go to bed early on that one night. But other people are not as sleep flexible as I am. I can pretty much change my internal clock on a whim, but not everyone can do that. And it has been proven to cause a *lot* of health issues (due to stress and lack of sleep due to a lot of people NOT being able to adjust their internal clocks). So in short...not only does it not do what it's intended to do, it does the OPPOSITE (cause people to use MORE energy rather than saving it), while cause major health issues for a sizeable number of people at the same time. It needs to be done away with, the sooner the better.

Comment: Re:Another company compromised by NSA (Score 1) 191

by Akaihiryuu (#48087265) Attached to: Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages
At least, in the case of Windows, you can forcibly disable this "feature" with registry edits...or you can just block Microsoft IP's at your router. Routers have no way to disable stuff like this other than flashing custom firmware which is not always available depending on model.

Comment: Re:Windows 8 reverts the hosts file (Score 1) 230

Or better yet...turn off Windows Defender and disable the services it needs to run. Yes, Windows will complain at you. But you can forcibly turn off those warnings as well. And if the warnings do pop up and annoy you, you can disable the service that shows the warnings as well. It's my computer, I will do whatever I want to with it, and the OS will let me, or I will modify it until it does.

Comment: Re:It's just a mater of time... (Score 2) 150

I'm not against the idea of cameras in my house. What I am against the idea of is cameras in my house that are not under my control. Cameras that I have full control of, that I can control access to (and limit to myself), preferably connected to my Linux server (which again only I have access to) - perfectly fine. Cameras that some random third party can access? nope.jpg

Comment: CFL (Score 1) 196

by Akaihiryuu (#47363433) Attached to: The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...
I converted my entire apartment to CFL approximately 10 years ago. I have moved once since then...when I did the conversion I saved all of the incandescent bulbs the apartment complex put there, and just put them back when I left and took my CFL's with me. I have about 8 incandescent bulbs under my sink for when I move again (the apartment doesn't get to keep my CFL bulbs). I've had to replace...1 CFL bulb since then. I am thinking about converting to LED's, but I haven't seen the need to replace perfectly good CFL's. When they do eventually die I will probably replace them one at a time with LED's.

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Yep. I actually don't have Comcast...I had Insight, which was then bought out by Time Warner (service has improved dramatically since TW took over by the way). The modem that was originally provided me was garbage and didn't support any of the higher speeds. Although, when it was Insight, it didn't matter, because they neglected the network for years until TW took over (the fastest speed available was 10mbit until the TW takeover, it took them a year but it's 50mbit now). I just went and bought a Motorola SB6141, not only do I save the $6/month, I have a much better device, so when the 50mbit service was made available all they had to do was upgrade my service.

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