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User Journal

Journal: Yippie Kay Aye!

Journal by Akai
Wow, I just noticed I have a "freak" Thank you rmohr02 for being my first foe.
The fact that I have no friends/fan yet is a tad depressing, but even though I've been a /. user forever (witness my uid 11434 vs rmohr02's at 208447) I haven't really played with the user features yet.
I read /. a lot but rarely comment, mostly because I'm too busy working instead of reading through the comments.
Apparently I ruffled some feathers with my "Get a real internet connection" comment/joke, but that's okay, I just close my eye and repeat to myself the mantra of Internet flame wars "Fighting on the Internet is like winning in the Special Olympics..." Of course now I've probably offended someone for making that comment.
I replied to the gentleman who happily posted my home address and cellular telephone number this evening with this comment. I hope that lays the matter to rest.
Anyways, I wanted to comment on the current trend of posting easy to mine personal data on people as a way to attack or disgrace them.
Frankly I think it's fairly stupid. An exception might be the Spammers who find themselves signed up for every catalog known to man, but I'm still trying to decide how I feel on that one.
Recently I found a website that posted Address/Phone # info of what the author of the website considered overly ambitious anti-spammers, a move which I found offensive but unsuprising. After all, anyone who promotes Spam is ethically and morally bankrupt to begin with, whereas the anti-spam crowd, while sometimes overzealous, are by and large a respectable group of people trying to keep the Internet from falling over.
So for now (and possibly ever, I'm a bit afraid of getting addicted to this journal thing, if anyone actually reads it) I bid you adeu.
Let's see if I can get my Fans (or Foes, I really don't mind :) count a bit higher.

Live free or die.