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Biological Computer Created at Stanford 89

sciencehabit writes "For the first time, synthetic biologists have created a genetic device that mimics one of the widgets on which all of modern electronics is based, the three-terminal transistor. Like standard electronic transistors, the new biological transistor is expected to work in many different biological circuit designs. This should make it easier for scientists to program cells to do everything from monitor pollutants and the progression of disease to turning on the output of medicines and biofuels."

Comment Supply and Demand (Score 1) 629

The hearing aide companies sell less because of the target number of customers. Plus of those customers, some will either deny or refuse treatment, cutting down on actual "demand" value, raising the cost. Every 13 year old has a smart phone it seems, so they can be sold for less to more people.

Comment Dancing? (Score 5, Interesting) 349

I would like to know if they will have representatives to ensure dancing does not occur. What if the event planner specifially states dancing is forbidden and the intoxicated guests ignore their plea? Is there a charge to sing along, tap your foot or air guitar that sick solo?

Comment Re:$30 mil per movie title! (Score 1) 199

Taking this a step further, it will cost a total of 2.16 BILLION (30 Mil * 72) dollars for all 72 Dreamworks Films . Dividing that total cost by the 25 million subscribers arrives at a net cost of $86.40 per subcriber. This year they will only make 9.60 per subscriber, not including operating expenses.

Comment Re:Next up: tiered pricing (Score 2) 314

If the packages contained enough content and the base price for non premium was acceptable, this is still a cheeper option than major cable providers, with no commercials and no filler channels. Really its not about getting charged for what you use, because you'll happliy pay for that. What gets me is when they make you pay for what you wont ever use.

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