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Comment: Re:satellites (Score 1) 401

You regurgitated some stuff, but didn't fill in the details I alluded to.

The older ones that are as I described are not NiMH, they were replaced by NiMH. Feel free to regurgitate another batch if you want to play again.

(NiMH just suck as to this discussion, they didn't need to be mentioned)

Comment: Re:The UK, trying to beat China, NK at their own g (Score 1) 118

by Aighearach (#49723771) Attached to: GCHQ Officials Given Immunity From Hacking Charges

Protip: the UK doesn't have a 4th Amendment.

They have an "unwritten constitution." They believe this makes rights more resilient, because even if somebody tries to take them away, and uses a legal process, the courts might just give them back at any time without needing specific justification.

Americans generally discount that idea, but lots of legal experts do disagree on the results, both theoretical and actual.

Comment: Re:The UK, trying to beat China, NK at their own g (Score 1) 118

by Aighearach (#49723761) Attached to: GCHQ Officials Given Immunity From Hacking Charges

You don't show any understanding of rights with that statement.

Did you think rights just floated down from the sky, mana from heaven?

All rights are given. That doesn't mean that, as you claim, there is no such thing as the word "rights" and every time anybody says "rights" they really meant "privileges." It does mean that words have context, and that the meanings don't always align with extremist principles.

Comment: Re:Alteryx (Score 1) 94

by Aighearach (#49709231) Attached to: In-Database R Coming To SQL Server 2016

3rd Party Vendors. It is a scary world out there. If you don't like working with it, double your prices to drive them away. Oops, now you're the highest paid person, you're the expert in what you hate. It happens all the time.

If you're willing to use proprietary COTS crapware inside a business, you'll probably get stuck with crap like SQL Server. This is a huge service to poor souls stuck working on these things and doing statistics. You can throw away a whole layer of crapware and move it into the database where you can control the functionality.

Comment: Re:This is not Arduino (Score 1) 42

by Aighearach (#49709177) Attached to: Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost

They're complaining about people using their brand in ways different than what they want the brand to be. That is their call. No, it is not whinging or whining to want to exercise your own prerogatives. If you want to use a non-licensed component, you'll have to follow some install instructions; or use a fork that supports your device and doesn't use their trademark. Pretty simple choices.

If you're complaining that you might have to do a manual installation if you use a cheap-o board, then yes I would call that whining.

Comment: Re:Cheaper? (Score 2) 42

by Aighearach (#49706833) Attached to: Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost

You're failing to differentiate between copyright and trademark.

Lets say I take a Free Software Foundation software product. Totally Libre, right? Now I want to fork it. Guess what? I can't use any of their trademarks. I can't claim it is made by the Free Software Foundation. I can't use their name in any way that makes it sound like I'm affiliated with them, or an official licensed source of their software. I can say I forked it from their thing, sure.

Source code is not a trade name. And even when the source is Free (as in libre) there is still huge value in knowing who you got it from. In fact, that sort of knowledge helps protect Freedom, and helps me make use of that Freedom.

I use some arduino tools in making my own products. But I don't need to lie and plaster their name all over it, I can put my own name on it. And when people look at the project history, they can see any open parts I forked or included, and who I got them from. For example, all my AVR based boards, I copy from arduino design when needed, and I always use their programmer board. There is no limit to what I can copy, just a limit on when I can claim my device "is an adruino."

That said, on the hardware side arduino mostly just copies what the AVR data sheet tells you do with the chips. ;) But notice how AVR used their own trademarks to describe the boards, instead of AVR's?

Comment: Re:This is not Arduino (Score 3, Interesting) 42

by Aighearach (#49706745) Attached to: Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost

You're conflating two things, copyright and trademark.

The source should be open, that is why the open it. So then if you want to create a MyCoolEmbeddedBoard product, you can! No problem. They're not complaining about that.

What they're complaining about is not people using their designs, but advertising it with Arduino trade name. That is reasonable. Just like, if I create some software I should make my own name, and not try to tell people is the Free Software Foundation Whatthewhat. They have a right to their own name, even after they've given away the source. Indeed, having the correct name is part of knowing where your source is from.

What they want is that when people buy a piece of Open Source Hardware that has the Arduino trademark, it is drop-in compatible and the name is properly licensed. And if you want to copy their license and not their name, then you don't need a trademark license, and you can be compatible or not. You can, for example, say on the box that it is compatible with their brand, and that you're not licensed or affiliated, as long as it is clear that you're not official. That is fair use. But you can't put their logo on your product to advertise that compatibility, or use their name in a way that makes it sound like you're licensed.

This should be obvious to anybody that has ever written software. If you have, and it isn't, please learn this shit finally. That includes anybody who would buy this stuff and call themselves a "maker."

Comment: Re:Hip-Hip-Hooray! (Score 3, Informative) 42

by Aighearach (#49706687) Attached to: Linino-Enabled Arduino Yun Shrinks In Size and Cost sounds right, but it is the wrong one. That is the company that is trying to steal the name from the actually originators.

I know dice doesn't care about nerd shit, but please learn this one. It is a big deal right now, and will provide lots and lots of stories with links to MSM over the next couple years as it plays out.

If dice wants their bait to attract clicks, they should figure this one out and get on the OSS side.

Comment: Re:A.I.? (Score 1) 401

There is a big hole there, though

1. not actual intelligence
2. man-made
3. ...
4. man-made _intelligence_

Being man-made doesn't make it intelligence, or insulate it from being a man-made tool that appears clever because the builder was intelligent. If we don't have a good definition of intelligence, it is basically impossible to make an objective claim that the intelligence is "in" the system, and not just something that had to be present externally to design the system.

Luckily, none of that impacts the attempts of natural philosophers, and later scientists, to encode human intelligence into machines in order to better complete human tasks.

Comment: Re:satellites (Score 1) 401

I'm using a small dumb-phone for emergencies and a wifi tablet for modern apps. My dumb phone is just a $20 Samsung, and it holds a charge for over a week.

The thing is, if you wait that long every time, the battery has memory effects. You still need to charge every 2 or 3 days.

Those smart phone batteries may last a few days, but if you're not charging every day the battery won't last. That's just the deal with these newer battery technologies.

If you want one with long life and little battery memory, I recommend a Motorola from the early 90s. Under 10 lb, and comes with a car adapter!

Comment: Re:satellites (Score 1) 401

A good argument has been made that the metal shells of satellites will orbit for a long time, but no reasonable case has been made that their very sensitive, short-life electronics will survive longer than things on Earth that are isolated and have decent power generation, like remote solar powered scientific sensors.

Comment: Re:satellites (Score 1) 401

There is either corrosion or an analogue, depending how you define it.

There isn't Earth weather, but there is space weather. Much of the electronics on a space craft are susceptible to damage from that weather. Just as the stuff in space doesn't have much Earth weather to worry about, the stuff on Earth doesn't have the space weather to worry about. I'm not sure why an IC on Earth would be expected to have a shorter lifespan than the ones in space. The ones in space have to be specially constructed just to keep them from failing rapidly. And there is still a high failure rate. Satellites don't last long and have to be replaced frequently.

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