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Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 131

Right, oh, 2011 isn't yesterday? What, were you born yesterday? No, you didn't have another account, if you did you would use it. If you had been here since the 90s, you would know that. Perhaps your reputation was so awful, you decided to pretend you were born yesterday? No, that isn't any improvement. Or even a believable story.

A post is only "worth by its content" in some language I don't speak. On slashdot, a comment has to make sense to have value, and if it doesn't have value and is written by somebody who just signed up (I can tell by your user id, you see) then it has negative value.

Look at the comment you wrote above. Re-read it. You wrote 17 words, with nothing other than a false claim to be an old-timer, judgment about what slashdot is or was or should be, and mod-whining. None of that has positive value here. The fact that you didn't even understand the obvious metaphorical content of the post you were mod-whining about is just topping. Ask again when you're older.

Comment Re: Just a thought... (Score 1) 280

You won't learn what motivated them, you'll learn what they're motivated to have you believe about them or their effort. It isn't stuff related to the code, and attempting to have information about it when you don't just leaves you with faulty data that you're credulous of.

What matters is their use case, and knowing who they are or how they want you to view their efforts just pollutes your analysis of that use case. And if you ask just about the use case, you have a significant chance of receiving usable information from them.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 280

Considering that they mean different things, perhaps just try to parse it using the word that was used?

For example, another observation is that for any trait the average difference between individuals of the species is greater than the average difference between subgroups, even where there is a statistically significant difference between subgroups. When the difference between men and women on any trait (even breast size; slashdot knows what I'm talking about! roflcopter) is smaller than the difference just from being different instances of human, then that difference is negligible. Knowing an individual's gender does not give you the ability to predict trait values; not because of the statistical difference between the sexes, but because of the proportion of difference between being difference sexes and just being different humans.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 280

"There are no girls on the BBS"

"Yes there are."

"How do you know?"

"There's a meetup next week, you should go!"

Some things don't change. Women have to choose between being respected by internet jerks, which implies they hide their gender, or being able to "be themselves" and be "accepted" but treated like shit and their contributions ignored.

Maybe internet users should just be issued a number, and we can just rank each other by number.

Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 2) 280

That much stereotype in such a short post, I had to run to the bathroom to shave my neck just from reading it.

You seem to have missed that these larger, less immediate pull requests were accepted at a higher rate than the ones that were more immediate. As long as the gender is disguised. If others can see their gender, then their pulls are less likely to be accepted.

None of the weird stereotypes you spew even attempt to account for that difference. I'll give you a hint: it isn't a difference in the women that causes others to treat them differently based on if the said others know their gender.

Comment Re:freedom (but only for those we like) (Score 1) 100

Indeed, competition would have such a high burden... they might have to ssh into a server and enter some cryptic command like "dnf install ejabberd" and hire a sysadmin for at least 4 hours to set it up. They would also have to create a website.

A more pressing problem is that you might be targeting people unwilling to pay anything, and they might be willing to consume whatever level of services you are capable of providing.

And you kids should be advised of the existence of email, email lists, and online communities using HTTP-based services. It may be that there are a whole bunch of options in active use, some of which are transmitted entirely across open channels and that have no proprietary components.

It may be that the primary distinguishing characteristic of twitter and facebook, the reason they are so popular, is that they are proprietary and therefore somehow elite! Officialish-looking. Be less credulous.

Comment Re:freedom (but only for those we like) (Score 1) 100

I'm still using ICQ. Maybe there isn't actually a shortage of services? What then? What if XMPP services can be installed out of the box on any cheap VPS? What then?

There is no need to create fake freedoms, like the right to speak for twitter because you don't have your own platform to kick people out of.

Comment Re:Lessons unlearned (Score 1) 273

No, more like: People with a religious objection to managing encounter problems that require managing. Some of them then resort to secular knowledge of management techniques, which causes a revolt by a faction insisting on faith-healing, which is not granted. Some of them then quit, while others lament that the pay is too good to quit. The quitting of some is seen as by external communities with a shared religion as proof that their concerns were well-founded. After all, if managing isn't evil, why are these people out of work?

Remember, the story is that github made these changes, and they're working out well. There are dissenters, but things have improved business-wise since they started making the changes.

Comment Re:cracking down on remote work?! (Score 2) 273

Not the best selling point for at a company where THE MAIN FEATURE is remote distributed development.

No, the main feature is enterprise integration of git with a zillion other tools, and running git as a service with all the hooks and everything exposed.

Git's main feature is remote distributed development. That is not a value-add by github.

And companies buying the paid services don't usually have telecommuting executives, even if they have remote developers. This about getting the leaders into the office where people have access to them. That isn't guaranteed to be bad.

Comment Re:Management structure and meritocracy (Score 1) 273

You're doing the exact things you're complaining about others doing. If it is so small... you won't mind the change. Oh, it isn't so small then? Well which is it? At least they're intellectually honest about the change they want. It is unlikely they'll get it, because digital slaves are just electronics, not people. They have very few supporters. ;) But the idea that it is OK to complain about people complaining, but not OK to complain in the first place? That is just pathetic. If they don't like the word and prefer a different word, so what? Why is that bad? If you disagree about what word to use, disagree about what word to use. In the Ruby community we had a multi-year debate about if we should say "eigenclass" or "metaclass." Few ever proposed that it is wrong to decide what word we want to use, or wrong to question the old word. What kind of idiot claims to support freedom of speech by demanding that people not speak the wrong complaints?

Did you actually check the eggplant thread? You're claiming not to know penis jokes? OK, you didn't get the troll's joke, that doesn't mean that there is some right or good in making off topic comments in people's dev threads, or some problem in project managers managing that. You claim you can't tell the difference between a penis joke and a vegetable, even when there isn't any cooking or farming context, maybe you should just agree to leave it to the people who do know?

Comment Re:Management structure and meritocracy (Score 1) 273

Except, if you read it it isn't a case of a user banned over using an eggplant emoji, it is a troll making no other contribution who was making a bunch of penis jokes.

Are you really claiming not to know what penis jokes are, or if they're OK in a professional discussion?

Also, it is their own project they are managing there. They have every right to ban penis jokes, or people telling them. What is weird about the people insisting that being an asshole should never be punished is that they don't seem to want to extend that right to anybody who looks different than them, is triggered by something other than "SJWs," or who doesn't have a penis.

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