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Comment Re:Installer allows you to customize your settings (Score 1) 93 93

Yup so far, in windows 10. There are 2 folowup settings that I've felt the the need to after turning everything off in the customize privacy screen.

1) Turn off messages about smart screen. (You can turn off smart screen during install, windows evidently thinks this is a security risk, so it's an alert in action center. So you effectively turn off smart screen, and then follow up by turning off messages about smart screen being off. Not a huge deal... since smart screen *is* a legitimate A/V feature. And some non-tech people probably should have it on; despite the privacy implication. Its a standard feature of all modern A/V software. So its not omgz ms is evil.

2) Turn off forwarding windows search to bing. Again, another easy to access setting, but an extra step.

I prefer windows updates on for my personal desktops so I don't worry about that. The risk of a bad update screwing me over has proven to be less than the risk of not having them. In my opinion.

There is some rumbling about some telemetry features that can only be turned off with enterprise. I'd like to know more about that.

Comment Re:my experience (Score 1) 93 93

You can turn off the nags about smart screen in Action center. (simplest way to get there is to click the flag in the system tray.) but its also via control panels.

The option is literally called "turn of messages about smart screen".

Nagging about the cloud? I setup a local account, the only time i see messages at all about 'their cloud' is when i add new "metro" apps -- which i don't do much. (Same as windows 8.0/8.1).

Comment Re:It's coming. Watch for it.. (Score 1) 137 137

The overriding principle in any encounter between vehicles should be safety; after that efficiency. A cyclist should make way for a motorist to pass , but *only when doing so poses no hazard*. The biggest hazard presented by operation of any kind of vehicle is unpredictability. For a bike this is swerving in and out of a lane a car presents the greatest danger to himself and others on the road.

The correct, safe, and courteous thing to do is look for the earliest opportunity where it is safe to make enough room for the car to pass, move to the side, then signal the driver it is OK to pass. Note this doesn't mean *instantaneously* moving to the side, which might lead to an equally precipitous move *back* into the lane.

Bikes are just one of the many things you need to deal with in the city, and if the ten or fifteen seconds you're waiting to put the accelerator down is making you late for where you're going then you probably should leave a few minutes earlier, because in city driving if it's not one thing it'll be another. In any case if you look at the video the driver was not being significantly delayed by the cyclist, and even if that is so that is no excuse for driving in an unsafe manner, although in his defense he probably doesn't know how to handle the encounter with the cyclist correctly.

The cyclist of course ought to know how to handle an encounter with a car though, and for that reason it's up to the cyclist to manage an encounter with a car to the greatest degree possible. He should have more experience and a lot more situational awareness. I this case the cyclist's mistake was that he was sorta-kinda to one side in the lane, leaving enough room so the driver thought he was supposed to squeeze past him. The cyclist ought to have clearly claimed the entire lane, acknowledging the presence of the car; that way when he moves to the side it's a clear to the driver it's time to pass.

Comment Re: Mickey Mouse copyirght extenstions... (Score 1) 109 109

Walt Disney isn't creating any new art since he died.

By the way, how much are you willing to pay the descendants of the inventors of the 200 or so glyphs of the extended Latin alphabet? You aren't an evil and greed consumer of texts who wants to avoid paying your due for every single usage of A, a, B, b, C, c... {, [, !, @... 7, 8 and 9, or are you?

Comment Re:It's coming. Watch for it.. (Score 2) 137 137

The motorist in the video committed a crime -- several actually. But the cyclist committed an indiscretion by chasing down the motorist to give him a piece of his mind. That's not illegal, it's just a very bad idea.

Many years ago I heard an interviewer ask the great race driver Jackie Stewart what it takes to be a great driver. He said that a driver ought to be emotionless. I think this is very true for any kind of driving -- or cycling. Never prolong your reaction to anything that anyone does on the road beyond the split second it takes to deal with it. Let your attention move on to the next thing. Never direct it to a driver because of something he *did*. Keep focused on what's happening now.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 1) 349 349

Actually, yes, 8.x is better. It's noticeably faster than 7, and it allows one to use those few actually useful Metro apps (yes, there are a few ones). Fixing the annoyance of the lack of a Start menu is a matter of installing a small application, of which there are several choices available. In return, you get an OS that does everything else much better than 7 did.

I wouldn't go back to 7's slowness even if someone paid me to do it. Rather, I much prefer to pay $5 for Start8 (which I like more than Classic Shell) and get all of 8's benefits. Similarly, once I upgrade to Windows 10, if I don't like its new Start menu, I'll be upgrading to Start10 too. There's absolutely no benefit in sticking with 7 other that that one rare application you absolutely depend on that doesn't work in 8+. If you have one of those, well, keep 7. Otherwise, move up. There's no downside.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 1) 349 349

When you download Chrome, it has a check box (yes, in the download page), checked by default, by means of which you select whether you want your Chrome download to become your default browser when installed. Guess what? You didn't uncheck it when you downloaded Chrome. Whenever I download Chrome I uncheck it. And my Chrome never makes itself the default browser by merely updating itself. My default is and continues being Firefox.

Now, there's probably an option somewhere to disable the behavior you describe. If this bothers you, maybe googling it would be a good idea?

Comment Re:Sudden outbreak of common sense. (Score 0) 168 168

If I see a coin come up heads nine out of ten times, I'm expecting it to come up heads on the eleventh toss.

You exactly demonstrated the problem with common sense reasoning. People assume that because they have what feels like to them (and may actually be) extensive experience with something they automatically understand it. But most people who haven't been trained in mathematics have plenty of misconceptions about what mathematicians call the "Bernoulli Process" (coin flipping).

Comment Re:Yes, unprovoked (Score 1) 202 202

"Oh, it would have only lasted 55 miles on our track!" SO FUCKING WHAT? That's a frigging RACE you retarded shitepile!

You do realize topgear runs pretty much every car that comes in on its track right? Every other car however, can be filled up and driven home immediately afterwards. That's a fairly signficant difference between other cars and the Tesla. They decided to make much ado about that point. Accept it and move on.

How long would a car able to go so fast last on the same track? 50-80 miles tops.

Did you not read my post? I actually answered that. I said 55 wasn't that bad on the track. I said my 911 needed to be filled up twice on a track day, plus a 3rd time to go home. I figure I was getting around 3-4 mpg... my range wouldn't be much better than a Tesla.

But I could (and did) fill it in the space of time it took to wolf down a sandwich... twice; and then get back onto the track. My track day in a Tesla would have been... cut shorter to say the least; and I'd have had to sit around for a while charging it up again to go home too.

And it would beat the same sized car in acceleration and speed OR in range on the racetrack. No similar car could beat it on all three. You'd need a proper "road legal" racer for that.

That's just fangirl talk. It wins drag races. That's about it.

Here's the Tesla S at the Nurburgring

The car overheated around 5 miles in. Without overheating they figured around 9 minutes. That's pretty good (but it didn't actually do it... what with the overheating.) And 9 minutes while very good is NOT amazing. LOTS of high performance 4 door sedans can do that... Mercedes C55, BMW 335i, Audi S5... are all comfortably sub 9 minute cars.

I like Tesla. I like the car. I like what the company is doing to the automotive world. But I don't want to own one (at least not one they've made so far). Its a pretty amazing car, and the torque is phenomenal... it wins drag races against almost everything.

Its a good car, but not as good your making it out to be.

Comment Re:Yes, unprovoked (Score 2) 202 202

. Any experienced sports car driver, like Clarkson claiks to be, could roll a Reliant Robin over inside of 50 yards

And if I'd originally written 50 you'd have claimed it should only need 25. No real point even engaging. The point remains that he set out to make the robin look like all it does is roll over, when lots of people have managed to drive one without constantly going over.

As for 'antics', punching somebody in the face isn't 'off-screen antics', it's assult with intent.

I am not defending the assault, per se; nor was i even referring to it; By off screen antics I meant his persona in general. His columns, his books, his political views, his public appearances... etc.

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. -- Nero Wolfe