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Comment: Something doesn't seem to fit (Score 5, Interesting) 464

by Ah huh and then (#14984816) Attached to: Vonage Puts VoIP 911 Caller on Hold
Looks like this person needed someone to blame. First off, this was not a five alarm fire. Thoes are just slightly bigger, usually apartment building or commerical wherehouses. More then one firetruck will arive at a five alarm fire, hense the name. One other kinda fishy thing is
"by the time fire crews arrived, the fire had become a five-alarm blaze. The house was a total loss."
which conficts with Veltkamps own statment in the local media:
"When I was ordered out of the building, I didn't want to comply with that," Veltkamp said. Fire crews convinced him to leave, but he later re-entered the home - followed by police. "They chased me in, saying they were going to taze me if I didn't come out," Veltkamp said. He then ran from police through the house, and escaped out of the basement.
It probably didn't help that the firecrews had to shoot water over trees at this house either video ID=165697&NoAds=true local report t=1

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